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How is it August already? Is this year going crazy fast or what? How are we only 5 months away from Christmas? As part of my blog I like to share my monthly favourites. I love to include a variety of things because in real life who can actually say all their favourites are beauty or fashion related! No one. A favourite really can be anything from what you ate for dinner to where you went or what you did. Absolutely anything.

KA Brow

First up in my list of favourites is KA Brow by Benefit. I am used to having my eyebrows tinted but due to me working and trying to not spend money I have stopped having them done. Defining your eyebrows really does make a difference. The fuller the better really. We were in boots the other week, I already knew benefit did good products for eyebrows because Anna Saccone has worked with them and has her own kit with them. Whilst waiting in the queue I saw the mini versions and thought for £11 I would give it a go. Actually, I am really loving how good they look, and I believe this is going to last a while anyway. Handy way of trying a product and taking it on holiday with you. Shade 3.5 is my colouring and I naturally have dark brown eyebrows.


Hay fever is really bad for me, to be fair its bad from March – October. Recently my skin has become itchy and hives appear especially on my arms. I have been using E45 spray 24hr moisturiser, though it’s not 100% removing the irritation but my skin is lasting longer without hives or the need to be itched. Be careful when you first use the spray because I reckon, I had a full weeks’ worth on, the first time I used it.


One for the bookworms, I am loving reading at the minute. Every night I read for at least 40 minutes and I am on about book 10 of the year maybe more. Reading isn’t something I am naturally good at and at school I was better at German and Italian than English. I do love books that I get into fast and can’t put down. Ones where the storyline grips you and you want to read forever. This book ‘The Horse Dancer’ by JoJo Moyes was amazing, I couldn’t put it down. Page wise this book is a big book for me to read so I thought it would take longer than it did for me to read. The story line is about a teenager and her Grandad teaching their horse to dance. At the same time there is a romantic story line to go along side it and the stories end up colliding midway through. Definitely one I would recommend. Tears, smiles and excitement were all emotions I experienced through the book.

For reality, I have been loving the Saccone Joly’s weekday daily vlogs. I am not a huge fan of tv and so this is something I do enjoy and have done for a while. When they moved to a new house and it was all house renovations it became a little boring but now it is becoming back to what I loved about it before it’s a good 20 minute watch each night.

Food is always a feature in my favourites. Because who can tell me they didn’t enjoy any food this month? I am on WW diet and so I am eating really healthy. For lunch I have been having Warburton half and half rolls. They are only 4 points and with my allowance of 23 daily I would say that is good for lunch. Taste wise they are good, I can’t tell if they are white or brown bread but do the job and fill an empty hole.


Of course, even on WW I still want a treat every now and then. Ambrosia Light Devonshire custard pots are only 6 points and taste the same if not better than normal custard. Days when you have them spare 6 points or prefer something sweet over savoury this is you snack to have. It’s my pudding if I have a small dinner because it’s like I am rewarding myself with a treat but not going over my point allowance for the day.

bullet journal

Bullet journals use to be my daily thing. Ok I still do my daily self care journal and my daily planner, but I missed the fun of doodling and creating something special in your life. My bullet journal is full of positivity, gratitude, weight loss and happiness. It is navy blue, one of my favourite colours and it’s more of a filo fax. One tip for you all use squared paper to bullet journal. It is good for doodling, writing, washi tape, anything. Draw and create as much as you want to because all that doodling, and positivity really helps you in life.

Dyson Fan

As the weather has been warmer here in the UK, highs of 38 degrees and my allergies not allowing me to open the windows at home. I am loving my Dyson fan. Ok it’s not mine, I borrowed it in winter from my mum and dad and it’s just stayed at mine. It’s good in the weather for a heater and summer for a fan. Definitely cools you down in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter.

oversized fashion

Fashion wise, I am still massively into the oversized style. I love big baggy oversized t-shirts either tucked into jeans or just oversized and go with it. They are just comfortable, give you space to breath and still look trendy. Depending on how oversized they are you can even tie the front into a knot.

Sandals are my go-to at the minute. They are easy to sling on and go, go with most outfits and are cool in the hotter weather. I wear these with dresses, trousers everything. Sparkles on sandals are good because they just add something extra to the shoe.

Morning stretches are something that seem to happen daily at the minute. It’s a way of me to get ready for the day, clear my mind, push for a good mindset and set a positive zen. Before I get up to get ready for work, I lay out across my bed and stretch. At the same time, I am thinking of the day ahead and what I have to achieve. This is really helping me at the minute not sure why but really is helping me to have the best mindset for the day.

Last up for my favourites really is similar to the last and that is positivity! Positivity is key in my life for success. Anything that messes or tries to trigger me into their negative loom really annoy me. I really try to avoid them situations, whether I walk away into another room or plug into a podcast. It is my way of coping. There are a few exciting things planned in my life over the next few months that is really helping me to stay on the positive front. Setting my mind into the positive life I need really is helping me, if things try to stop me then please don’t. Think of the positivity and how much it is helping me and see what situations we can skip or destroy along the way. Changing your mind to positive really helps for a happier healthier life.

What have your favourites been for July? Did this help you find something to try or revisit?

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