July Favourites

So how can it be the end of the month again? This year is going so fast! Today I want to share what I’ve liked throughout this month and continue to. I like a complete mixture because I believe a favourite can be absolutely anything.

So we will start with fashion and I’ve been loving comfortable clothes. Something you can throw on and look good in.

Warehouse Midi Dress
First of all I am loving midi dresses, I love t-shirt material kind that are loose fitting but still show your figure. I must admit this is my go to dress I love it. I love the cute triangle cut out below the tie which just adds details to the dress. Of course it’s striped which is a bonus to me.

Comfy Culottes

I have also been loving what I would call pyjama trousers. They are so comfortable and look like you’ve made an effort. The pattern ones are the best because it’s easy to pair with a plain basic tee and pair of sandals.



I have been swapping my sunglasses out recently and I am loving these from NoraNYC. With the weather being bright, sunny and hot it’s perfect sunglasses weather. I feel you can wear these with any look.

Moving on to tv I have really enjoyed the 75 years of NHS. I love hospital programs just not hospitals themselves. The NHS has done so much for me this year so I have liked this.

Instagram book

Instagram Book

For books I have been really trying to improve my creativity and post more on instagram. *This book is really helpful and has given me so many ideas so far. I love reading it and looking at the photos too. It has given me new ideas of what to post and how to post. It has a chapter on the majority of points I needed help on.


Cactus Shelf

Moving on to home and lifestyle, those that know me know I love cactus. I could buy one a week and would if I had the money. I have been wanting to get a shelf or table for a while for my cactus and when this shelf came back in stock and on sale I had to purchase it. I have had my eyes on this for a while now and looks lovely with all my cactus related things on.


To go along with my shelf I am being slightly creative with my potting etc and I like to find unique ways of displaying them and also add colour to the shelf. My cuppa cacti is so cute and I love it.

Eyebrow Tint

Going on to beauty I have been trying to save some money so *the Eylure eyebrow kit has been allowing me to dye my brows in between my salon appointments. So easy to use and so effective. For me I believe eyebrows are always on show so should be perfect all the time.

Then last of all is food and the amazing person I am, I ate these before taking photos of them. Lol sorry. Shows there were really tasty I suppose. So the first is chickpea and sweet corn burgers from M&S these are so good and help with my 90% vegetarian diet. I love to eat these with or without a bun and some salad.

The other for food when I am slightly peckish at about 8pm at night is Asda’s cherry and cashew shoots, they really do fix the spot. They are so good and just a little amount per bag to fill the hunger. Healthy too.

So that’s my favourites for this month. Who can believe it’s August already? crazy. What have you been loving this month?

Melanie Kate

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