January Favourites

Erm how is January over already? Before we know it, it’ll be easter again. It is that time of month where I share my favourites with you all. A favourite can be absolutely and thing or anyone. So I like to include a variety so you all can take one away today, brand new or something to revisit and fall back in love with.

bubble bath

First up on my completely random list and order is, Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Sleep Bubble Bath. As you all should know by now, I am a huge lover of hot bubble baths. Ok they have been my favourite since being a child, but this bubble bath works and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. How about that? I am praying that Boots and Fearne Cotton don’t just have this as part of their Christmas range because I am 3/4 of the way through and want to get another now. I do have to say the scents in this bubble bath are strong. The over powering smell of lavender does hit you when you walk into the bathroom but after a couple of times the scents smell amazing and really help relax you after a hectic day. 

Call the midwife

Now most will know I am not a huge tv watcher. You’re lucky if I watch Casualty on the tv let alone anything else. But due to my new schedule and having things on the tv I want to watch. I have 2 tv programmes as favourites. Tend to normally watch YouTube on my apple tv. First of the two programmes, airs on BBC1 8pm on Sundays. That is of course call the midwife. Love this programme. Set back in the olden days, their lives as midwifes and nurses going about their daily rounds. It is just a nice programme to watch and I really enjoy it. Will be on catchup if you have missed it I am sure. 

britains best home cook

Next tv favourite, is another airing on BBC1 8pm on Thursdays. That is Britain’s Best Home Cook. It’s a bit like bake off I guess, but it’s rounds of cooking and the person left at the end will be crowned Britain’s best home cook. We are just over half way through the competition now so again will be on catchup. Every week they all are set a theme such as brunch and this round they get to practice before. The next they get an item of food and each have to make something out of that being the base. No trial run. Then the 2 or 3 that the judges pick to be in the eliminator have to do another round where they have to cook one of the judges recipes. Judges include Mary Berry and the presenter is Claudia Winkleman. 

stir fry

Food is up next and I am really trying to eat healthy. Well sort of a balanced diet because balance is good. We all deserve a treat every now and again. My favourite meal to cook for January was tempura prawn, peanut butter and honey stir fry. Some how I literally just chuck in a wok, vegetables, noodles, prawns, a spoon of peanut butter, squirt of honey and some soy sauce. Mix it all up and you are good to go. Tastes amazing as well. 


My treat is a good one, though bad at the same time. I know I need to find or make my own without the use of palm oil. But for now these 115kl Nutella bars are keeping my calorie count low. The chocolatey treat going daily and adding the extra smile to my lunch. Tastes like a kinder bueno basically. A river of Nutella and crispy wafter flows in the middle of a wafer inclosure. Yummy. 

oversized hoodie

It has been very cold recently and I actually got this hoodie in the sale after Christmas. The warmest, comfiest, oversized hoodie I have ever owned. So soft and warm and stylish as well. I love Levis and this was a bargain at £32.50 so I had to get it. Not normally one for an all black outfit but it seems to be working. To the point that I have worn this so many times and haven’t put it in the wash yet. Ok I don’t wear it daily and right now its in the washing basket to be washed. But I am in love with it, the colour, the softness and the beauty of it. You know when you wash black clothing it fades. That is what I am worried of. Such beautiful, floral embroidery spread across the back as well adding the girly touch. 

straightened hair

So you may have noticed this or not but I am into wearing my hair down and straightened all the time. I think I haven’t worn it down 3 times in January and even 1 of them times it was still straightened just up in a pony. My natural hair is a crazy, frizzy, wild, curly mess and personally I don’t like it. Really doesn’t help that my hair is growing like crazy and a lot of grey hairs as well. To tame the frizz it’s so good to have the ability to just take my ghd’s and straighten it. Just feel better for straightened, made an effort hair. Than just chucking it up and dealing with it. 


Headbands are my go to as well. It just adds the extra touch if your wearing your hair down. Or if you are just needing to add a splash of colour to your outfit. They are cute and right on style at the minute and I love to wear them. Mostly to add colour to an outfit or to get these baby hairs growing out of my face. 


I actually got some extra money for Christmas. For a while now I have wanted to buy a sideboard for my main living area. Fed up of the dumping area of craft stuff and taking forever to find a pair of scissors. So I brought one and what a bargain it is. Ebay isn’t normally a place I go shop for new furniture but I have brought a long mirror brand new from there before. £82 this sideboard cost and though it took me and my dad a good 2 hours to build. It looks so good. Perfect for all my craft stuff, fits perfectly in the corner and even has Led lights to light the shelf up. Looks smarter than the dumping ground of fabric, glue and whatever else. 

self care

Now finally my last favourite is one of my goals I set for 2020. You know when people say “ it takes some time to form a habit”. Well I have done that and I am super happy about it. I am organised, scheduled and know what needs to be done and when. People with chronic illnesses or pain are told to split activities up. Technically I am not doing that but I am setting a routine up to stay busy and organised. Don’t have that natural panic on Thursday nights now where I need to write face mask Friday but I have Pilates. That rush has gone and I am feeling super happy from it. Worth a try for a month and seriously you will see a change. 

These are all my favourites for January. What was one of yours? Would you recommend one to me?

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