January favourites

As always I like to include a mixture of things as a favourite, not only because I have been loving them things this month but because a favourite can be absolutely anything! Isn’t that right? Who really just loves the new too faced range or Topshop’s latest fashion trend. Think about this what is the one thing you have loved to eat this month? Do you have a favourite book you read, or a favourite time of day even? You could even love one day in particular from January. Like the day you played in the snow with your children. Or even funnier the day you were late for work because there was traffic. There’s always a positive in everything.

I love to share the mixture because I want to be able to give you at least one thing hopefully that you haven’t tried and are coming away from this or my video wanting to try it.

hair care

First of all I have really struggled or shall I say disappointed with my hair over the past few months, thats why I am pretty sure I just said to my mum you know what just cut it off. It could be because of the time of year, my hormones, my medication even but my hair never seems to be clean. Thats why I am loving this shampoo and *conditioner. I wash my hair every other day. I point blank refuse to wash it everyday hence why I had to use dry shampoo a lot but this shampoo and conditioner are really helping me to have clean hair for the 2 days and not use dry shampoo as often.

skin care

I am really wanting to discover and try new brands this year. I got *this face cream as part of my happy face box from Clinique last year. I am loving this. Its fragrant smells amazing, its thicker than my usual go to, but I have been using this all of January. It works well, I can go all day and not feel like I need to top up on my moisturiser. I will definitely be buying this again.

Food is good for me for January. I have been eating what I fancy and thats not all chocolate and naughty food. I have been wanting bad foods but I have also been loving the foods that are easy and a quick go to dinner. I can actually go between these all week and not be bored with my dinner choice.

cherry tomatoes

I have been loving cherry tomatoes. As a snack If I am peckish or with pasta for a dinner. I don’t know why but my mum made a mozzarella and tomato pasta ages ago and that is now one of my favourite dinners. Its so easy to make. I am sometimes lazy and just chuck the tomatoes in when the pasta is cooked but it still tastes as nice. I love them and again its a healthy snack if I am peckish to just snack on.


I have just mentioned my next favourite and thats mozzarella. Its just so easy for a cheesy pasta dish and so easy to chuck together a good meal in 10 minutes. I love the easy meals especially when I have had a hectic day at work. I must admit though I do take a to eating it out the bag every now and again when the pasta is cooking. Maybe I should just leave it in the fridge till I am ready to stir it in.


Following on with food and this one to me is like marmite you love it or hate it. I think its this way for me because my mum use to cook it for me every night for a good several months which made me not like it anymore. I took that break and now broccoli is now back to something I am loving. Again I just eat this with my pasta and swap it out from tomatoes just for a change. Its so easy to just boil and its done so its really handy and quick to cook and eat.

cleaning up

I am getting into tv a bit more, and I know there are a few of my programmes coming out in February and March. The first is cleaning up with Sheridan Smith in. Its about her being a single mother and a big gambler. She is a cleaner for various people and companies. Her and her work friends find out about the shares stock market and who are the ones to put money on through one company they clean for. Now they are really into the business and its really getting good.

call the midwife

Next is a almost favourite for everyone and that is the new series of Call The Midwife. This is a popular series set back in the olden days of midwifes and nuns living in Nonnatus house and delivery babies into the community. Its based in London 1950’s. Its a really good series so far. I am one for history at the moment but I also love babies. I guess its also sharing with us how the time has changed and so have medicine.


For fashion this month I am loving no effort, effort clothes. We all have them lazy mornings when its a massive struggle to get out of bed, you look in the cupboard with masses amounts of clothes and don’t know what to wear. I have had that most mornings for January. But I love it when I literally have rolled out of bed, chucked on my glasses, a jumper and jeans and get so many compliments. Thats what I call no effort, effort clothes.


I am also loving bandanas and the hairstyles I can create with them. Again by wearing one or chucking your hair in a bun with the bandana or hair band round the pony just adds something to the style and really its could be a bed head day and no one would notice with your bandana in.

self care

My final favourite is journaling. I am loving this, most people say it takes 31 days to make something a habit, as I have my journals for this year I have been writing in them daily. As this is becoming a habit, I am getting use to but its also becoming part of my happy no contact hour when I unwind for bed. I love finding new ideas to add to them, even if its changing colour pen. Its also making me think more, or push me to do something brave, be more out there and ROAR on my world. Show my strength and power and look at all the positives in my day. I am also loving Pinterest, and finding ideas on how to be more creative with my journals.

So these are my favourites for January. What was one thing your loved for January? And what is one thing from mine that you would like to try?

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