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Printed pants are perfect for the summer. They add something to your outfit and a very versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Today I am going to talk a little more about how to style them, for many occasions as well. Some are simple changes such as adding, removing or changing something. But they all look good. 

From casual to girls night, you can wear these trousers. Some will prefer one way to another but I just wanted to share some ideas with you and share the styles you can create or similar. I can wear these to work, but also on a night out or a casual bbq. They really are versatile. 

summer fashion

As you can see my trousers are striped. They were actually a supermarket bargain find at Tesco! But you can tell the colours are in the fine stripes rather than the black background colour. The colours of the stripes are really handy because you can pick out a colour in them, like I have the green and add a basic green tee to make a more casual look. I am wearing my black vans as well which dress the outfit down. 

summer fashion

With these you can tuck the tops in or leave them hanging loose. I actually prefer them tucked in and I find wearing a darker tee works to make the outfit a little different. The tee I am wearing is from Noisy May and it states “ Be noisy, be nice.” A phrase we all need to be! Tucking the tee in just suits the trousers, to show a little more effort, I guess. It would be fun if you were wearing a black tee with pops of the colours from the trousers as well. 

denim jacket

For the chiller summer days, you can wear your denim jacket because they go with pretty much everything. The denim jacket I believe does make this outfit a little less dressy but still is stylish. Looking at what I am wearing in the photo, my eyes are drawn to the stripes of the trousers but also the writing on the tee. I love slogan tees but don’t wear them as often these days. For bbq and chilled family days I have paired this outfit with my comfy flat sandals. Equally you can wear this without the denim jacket to make a slightly different look as well. 

summer fashion

For me if I am wearing one piece of statement clothing. So the trousers then I like to go plain everywhere else. Especially for a night out. I brought the basic black tee I am wearing for exactly that. To wear with jazzy trousers. You could say to me, but Mel its too everyday for going out. When actually all I have done here is add a smart blazer for warmth and a statement necklace. These both with the heels make the outfit more dressy. Even without the blazer, I would and do wear out. It is the trousers that do the talking. 

summer fashion

Finally wearing a blouse, shirt or cami, changes the look again. You can either wear out like I have in the photo or tuck in. Mostly I would tuck in and I did um and err before taking this but though leave out. Now I think tucked in would of been better. When I tuck in camis or any tee really I like to pull it out a little to puff up and blend the end of the top to the top of the trousers. Again I am wearing heels but you could but sandals on instead. The statement necklace again just brings the dressiness to the outfit. Perfect for summer nights and bbqs. 

If you haven’t got yourself a pair of colourful trousers for the summer go get a pair or two. They are handy to have and like I mentioned, you can wear to pretty much anywhere. Work to shopping to the pub. 

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