oversized cardigans

Autumn is just around the corner and I am super excited for the beautiful colours. But most importantly I am excited for layers. I am naturally a cold person, so I really can’t wait to wear knitted jumpers and oversized cardigans. Hence why today I am going to show you ways to style an oversized knitted cardigan. A must have for anyones wardrobe. 

Straight away you think an oversized cardigan goes with jeans and it does! But there are so many ways to wear it with jeans. Just by swapping a few things around. Dressing up or down. Though most wear with jeans or trousers, certain things really make the outfit change. 

oversized cardigan

For me though this sort of style is my go to, come autumn and winter. Comfort is key but also to be trendy and well put together, at all times. From converse hi tops, to a graphic tee, jeans, with the layer of the warm oversized cardigan, they just go together so well. Easy to dress up or down, but typically this is a casual weekend outfit for me. 

oversized cardigans

Play around with colours. Autumn have the most beautiful, rich, warm colours in the palette. Most of which are used in fashion. From deep purples, to rusty oranges and mustard yellows. A pop of tan and khaki greens as well. As much as you want a colourful well put together outfit, a touch of these colours can really help your outfit. Ankle boots are good for Autumn and I love to wear my tan pair, with black or blue, jeans and dresses, to bring in the autumnal colours. 

oversized cardigan

Tucking in a tee rather than letting it hang loose. Honestly I don’t know why it does, but it does and it really works. Simple things like this, make the outfit change to a whole other level. I see this was more dressed up, rather than chucked on and go. If you accessorise it with jewellery it changes again. Basic but really pleasing to the eye. 

oversized cardigan

It isn’t just jeans that work with oversized either. Skirts and dresses equally go well with these. Though 80% of my wardrobe is denim, I would go for a denim skirt but again this is only taste. If you have a leather or another skirt, they would work the same. Ankle boots, they are my go to for Autumn and go with everything. You can easily wear the skirt, cardigan and boots, with or without tights. Depending on the weather. UK I would go with tights. Again tan tights or black/blue tights, change the outfit as well.

Oversized cardigans work for office attire. This is what I would wear to a meeting maybe or if customers were around the office. But for my workwear is pretty casual anyway. Or was when I worked in the office. I would wear this to meet friends for a week night dinner or drinks as well. Smart casual is what I would call this. Just a dress, tights and shoes. Perfect if its a fairly plain outfit as well by adding colour in on the cardigan. 

oversized cardigan

They even go with chinos type trousers and brogues. Smarter for work but still in style. I actually love this and should wear it more often. My brogues have been in my wardrobe a long time now and they just add the colour into the outfit and pull everything together. 

Honestly if you want to wear an oversized cardigan you wear it girl! Even with leggings and an oversized tee. If I dash out to the shop quickly I am all for that look. It can turn out to be a really good outfit, or one where you run and hope no one sees you out and about. 

For me oversized cardigans will always be in my wardrobe. Either get a suitable colour that will go with everything. Or spread your collection out and have a ray of colours and styles. They are good to snuggle up in on the sofa as well and chill out with friends or family. Though I do have a few boots in my collection, Chelsea boots are something I really want to invest in this Autumn/Winter. That and maybe some brown doc Martens.

What is your go to, to wear with an oversized cardigan? 

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