Colour Coordination

Every morning I open the wardrobe and just grab what comes to my hand first. All just gets hung up and put wherever and so I don’t tend to wear 3/4 of my wardrobe. Many are organising their wardrobes these days and as I have tried in the past. It was time for a reorganise and colour coordinate things. 

As a huge fashion loving girlie girl you can tell that my wardrobe holds a huge range of brands, colours, trends and outfits. The fact I love my bed as much, if not more than fashion may be the problem to why half or more of my clothes aren’t touched. 

Organise your closet

I follow Stacey Solomon on instagram and I love her stories, from untidy to tidy and how she’s is basically organising everything in her home. Ok I am not for the furry chest of draws but each to their own! It is amazing what a certain thing like organising can do to change your mood, the mornings when you need to pick your outfit and all sorts. 

So Stacey inspired me to colour coordinate my wardrobe and array of clothes. My wardrobe is nothing compared to Stacey’s but I do have a good selection of colours and clothes. From a mess and a jumble sale, to what we hope a warm, inviting, rainbow of clothes to pick from every morning. 


One thing I hate are jumble sales or shops like Primark where you have to rummage through to find the good things. That is why it was definitely time for a clean out. Sort out and organise my clothes. Really trying to not spend any money because I am wanting to move house and various other things. So really don’t need to buy any more clothes. This was means I now have refreshed my wardrobe and found clothes I had forgot about. 


My wardrobe is split in half. To be fair we are only doing one side of my wardrobe because the other is just shoes and coats. But the top is and was for my work clothes and for my woolly jumpers and hoodies. Honestly I could just mix everything up, because what I wear to work, I actually can wear at weekends as well. But anyway we will start with the bottom rail. 


Due to endometriosis and my scaring on my tummy. I have limited bottoms that I can wear. So I just left them in the corner of the bottom rack. Just because there is literally a handful of jeans and a pair of joggers. Gave up on proper jeans a year and a bit ago and gave all my normal jeans to my best friend and just let myself rock the maternity versions. No I am not pregnant, I have endometriosis. Also left my camis because I have a handful of them as well and on that rare occasion I go out out, I can chuck one of them on with jeans and a blazer and I am good to go. 

colour coordinated

The rest was all taken out and divided up into colours and piles of what suited which pile. Like the rainbow really, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I also took a multi coloured pile as well because if you haven’t guessed already I have a lot of striped with not just a base colour but several others also. 

Colour coordinating

When I was happy with the piles of colours, it was time to put them all back in again. Again sort of in the rainbow colour but backwards. Multi coloured first, then the blacks, greys and navy blues. Then through the rainbow. Its really nice actually to get everything out and put back in because even if you aren’t throwing clothes out, its nice to sort them out and look through to fresh your wardrobe up with the old forgotten about clothes. Before my bottoms at the end I put my whites and creams. I just felt they felt right to go that end rather than near the darker blacks and navy’s. 

Colour coordinated

Once I had finished I just had to run my hands through all the colours and how happy it made me feel being all bright and colourful. I actually got something out of colour coordinating this rail that I had to do the top half which is my “work” clothes and hoodies. 

organising your wardrobe

Again all out on the bed. Divided up into colours and again I was feeling like I had a new wardrobe by finding the lost, couldn’t remember about clothes. The differences in my “work” clothes colours to my “weekend” clothes colours are amazing. Yes some are the same but others limit from 20 at weekends to 1 for work. Say what?! 

Colour Coordinating

Same thing spread them all out on the bed, doors, handles wherever you can. Split the colours up the same as you did the “weekend” clothes and go with it. I worked the same as I did on the bottom so each rail looked or went the same in colours. So multi colours to the blacks, greys and navy’s. Then the rainbow again. More of my “work” colours are the dark purples and burgundies where as my “weekend” clothes are bright and happy. 

Once I had done both rails, I did think why haven’t I just combined it all because I literally can wear anything in my wardrobe to work and at weekends. But items like dresses work better on the higher rails. I actually may still rumble them all up but we are working on the 2 rails first. 

colour coordinated

Now my wardrobe has a rainbow of colours and happiness on both rails. Open the doors and you can smile rather than err that’ll do. I feel better for dong it as well. Its clean, tidy and organised and I thrive off being organised. Tomorrow when I pick my clothes for work I can already tell it will be something different to what I wear most weeks. Something I haven’t worn in a long time. 

colour coordinated

With the colourful colours sitting in the middle its making them pop out more and make them more appealing to wear. Rather than toning down with the darker tones and hiding away. I completely mixed all types of clothes as well so I hope its not going to take me longer for a long sleeve top. But we will wait and see. If not the cardigans will be worn more often to utilise the short sleeves. 

It just looks pretty and happy. Surprises me that I have 1 one shirt for “work” but 20 odd for “weekends”. Yes the “weekend” ones are worn to work but my colours for certain things amaze me. You can tell I love the colourful colours and I am more freer in what I wear casually to the smarter, where I am wearing darker tones. 

Colour Coordination

You should do this and try to stick to it. Because a colourful wardrobe is a happier one. I have so many more options to choose from and they are easier to pick. Rather than the rummage through to find that shirt, blouse or tank top. I’m still deliberating if I should of just mixed everything up and I may do so at the weekend. It will surprise you which colours are your go toos and which you wear for certain things over others. There is a hell of a lot of clothes in my wardrobe and I am going to be wearing all of them now I can see and find more easily. 

Do you have different styles for work and weekends? What are your go to colours for work and weekends? 

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