Positivity is something that really everyone can learn from. You can get so much out of it and actually there is something positive in everyday, hour and situation. Being positive cannot just affect you but affect your surroundings as well. Put positivity first to gain a better and healthier life. Trust me look for the positives for a week or two daily and leave the negatives to it, you will see a difference!

First thing that I really think helps the positivity is your home. Make your home, a good, healthy, loving, inviting environment. Allow it to be a place it should be and that’s one you want to go home to. Simple things that you may forget to do, but always put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and empty straight away. Take the rubbish out and keep the house clean. Silly things as well like making the bed every morning once dressed does make a difference.

zen garden

You can add things to your home too. But you have to believe in some of these in order for them to help you. Crystals being one of them. Find what crystals will work for you and your needs. Everyone is different so I can easily tell you mine but what I need maybe something that doesn’t work for you. I have my little zen garden and that sits nicely in my bedroom on the chest of draws. Some may say even having a buddha statue can help you. The other being my Himalayan salt lamp. Switch it on when I get home at 5pm and leave it on till I turn the lights off for bed.

zen garden

Some positive plants. Again, something you would have to believe in. I am a huge lover of cacti and succulents. They are meant to give off positive vibes whilst looking pretty in your home. Another I really want to get is a pray plant. There was a lady in front of me at The Happy Place Festival and I’ve wanted one ever since. Greenery and plants are always good to make the home more inviting as well.

Bowl of Cactus

Cactus Ladder Shelf

Focus on the positives. There’s one in every hour of the day. For instance, I went to work yesterday and straight on to floristry school. My positives would be, I am earning money. Doing something I love creating floral arrangements. Learning new skills and techniques. Spending quality time with my mum. The flat was lovely and warm when I got home. I made two good decisions, one adding the frozen fruit back into my breakfast and the other setting today’s alarm for half an hour later. That’s just a handful but I could say some more if you wanted.

So yesterday I didn’t feel well, I am shocker busy at work and I didn’t like the arrangement we were taught last night. I also felt emotional and negative when I was waiting to go to floristry. But why think of the day like that, when it sounds so much nicer and happier with all the positives?


Ok some negatives you really can’t escape as such. I often just get up and walk off the to the toilet or get a drink. This way you can go breathe and calm yourself and escape the negatives. Go meditate in the toilet is the best thing. Just take that 5 minutes. If you can leave the room leave the room. Find someone to talk to or do something with and move off the negative to the positive. Plug into a positive podcast, there is so many to choose from, if you can’t leave the room.

self care

Do the things you love. Nothing negative, just things that make you happy. For me that’s creativity of most kinds, reading, bullet journalling, clothes, fashion and spending time with the people I love. Friends and family. Try and do at least one of these daily or weekly if possible. Plan to meet up with friends once a month or more often if can. 

Last week I spent one evening with a friend and her baby and that really brought happiness to me. Then on Saturday I spent all afternoon with another friend and her 2 children. Again that just puts a smile on my face. It doesn’t matter what I do with my friends, its just being with people I care for, love and they love me too. People that make you laugh and smile are the ones to be by. 


Routine is something I thrive off. I need to be organised and have a routine to stick to. Plans need to be in the diary and I hate when plans change last minuting. Having a routine really sets boundaries, opportunities and goals. Following one gets the best out of you. Weekdays I get up at 7am, be in work by 8am. Home at 5:15pm and bed at 10pm. Other than a simple routine like that I can do what I want in between. If a night happens to be floristry, pilates or out with friend, I can still be in bed at 10pm or I can skip the routine that night but always get back on it the next day. 

Balance is so important. That being the work, life balance. Work is where you are most of your life which actually can be amazing for people but also a real struggle for others. In reality why do people work? For money. Money to spend, do things, go places. Not sit around all day everyday and night. The balance is key because without it you can be lonely and not everyone you work with are the ones you want to be around 24/7. Also your brain needs to switch off to keep you healthy. Go to work on time and leave on time. Don’t think that’s wrong, you work hard enough in that time so be there for that time. Having time at home if you’re not going out is good for you also. 

face mask time

The final thing I really want to touch on is something I have really only learnt this year. That being me time. Spending time with yourself may sound lonely and weird but I dedicate an hour a day of just time to myself doing what I want to do. An hour before bed, whether its the weekend or weeknight I spend 9-10pm journalling and reading. Sometimes I colour or meditate as well. But it’s a time for no one else but you. Social media is off, it’s just me, my bed, a book and some journals. 

Keeping my bullet journal positive helps me as well. I document everyday the positives about the day. Whether that’s feelings or thoughts and what happened. Whatever it is, as long as it’s positive! Mood tracking is something I do daily too. This helps me to track the bad days and encourage the better days. Before long all them daisies will be sky high. 


Positivity for me is about everything, you need to be healthy, have a balanced life, push the positives and karate chop the negatives. (Not literally). If you are looking to gain more of a positive lifestyle then try my suggestions. Be a positivity Polly over a negative Nancy. 

Are you a positive person? Do you find yourself concentrating on the positives or negatives daily?

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