So this is really random but something that I learnt a lot about last year. I thought I would take the opportunity today to talk more about how to feel happier, well in my experience anyway. Ok there will always be negatives and upsets in most days. But it’s what you take from each minute that makes you succeed in being happier. 

First thing I learnt is that if you take and talk of the positives only of each and everyday then you will see your life become happier. Focusing on negatives don’t only drag you down but others around you as well. For example, you are going to the dentist and you have zero cavities. Well the positive in that is you have healthy, clean teeth and you are looking after them well. No one likes going to the dentist but if you don’t go then it will only be worse than just taking care of them. 


Meditate. Now at first when I was going through the “coping with pain management” book with my mum, I really didn’t think much of meditating. Thought it as pointless. But actually when something is making you suffer, or negatives surround you but you can’t escape. Go meditate. Everyday as well. Taking that break to focus on breathing, taking your mind off whatever it may be and focusing on you for a short time. Really helps. All for toilet meditating as well. Multi-task but that time away and focusing on other things or happier things help. Time for you to break off and refocus on the goods. 

Learn to love your life. No one has that perfect life. We all want more money, or less money. Less time at work and more in what you love to do. But at the end of the day you’re alive and you are doing the best in every opportunity. Setting goals and focusing on the things you love really do help you. Focus on the goals or things you want to do and make sure you do those things as much as possible. 


A healthy, clean environment. This one I can say is 100% true. Walking in every night to a clean and good home, makes you and others welcome, safe and happy. Do you love your home? Keep it tidy, with plants that are meant to grow positivity to the home and you. You just get a welcoming, warm environment that makes you feel good to be home. Loving your home really helps you love yourself. 

Balance diets help too, especially for someone like me with a chronic illness. Having to make your body happy before you helps massively. Do treat yourself every now and then but do that healthy eating because if your body is feeling good most of the time it will let you me happy. The balanced healthy diet also helps you because if your pain isn’t flaring up or anything, then life is full of happy days. You feel good in the way you look that really boosts the happiness levels. 


Focus on something. Anything that you are looking forward to. Having that something such as a holiday is a way of keeping you positive and going everyday. Sometimes you feel like giving up or admitting defeat but really if you really want that certain something. Like a holiday then you know why you are working hard, at work, on your healthy eating, saving for spending money. Always having that something will keep you focused on the happy things through the bad times. 

Writing down all your thoughts and feelings every night really helps. You can reset daily and start a new day fresh. Thoughts and feelings, both negative and positive, shut them off. Gives you a good nights sleep but the ability to leave the negatives behind. 


Think about your life and what you want in it! Do you have a few good friends, family and support? Have hobbies and excitement in your life? Are you healthy and doing all you need to? Then think if all these are yes, then perfect, your life is good. Be happy. If they aren’t then sort it out. Remove the friends that aren’t good for you. Try some new hobbies and gain that excitement to learn something new. Eat healthier and even on the days where your bed seems the best option, get up, get dressed and show yourself who is boss. You have this. 

Find a jar, big or little any size. A pile of post its and a pen. Once a day, say the evening perhaps write down the happiest thing of the day. Fold them up and pop in the jar. Once a year is up, open them all and you will be surprised at how even the little things in life make you the happiest. For me even getting out of bed some days is the happiest thing I did but that is still good. Finding the happiness in everything makes you happier and realise the true loyal things you need in your life. 


Laugh and smile. Try laugh daily. There is always something that can put a smile on your face or make you laugh. Something on the radio, a podcast, a foolish saying that randomly comes up in conversation. Even thinking of something that happened the other day. Laughing is the best medicine. 

Take as many opportunities in life to do the things and see the people you love. Creativity is the one of the things I love, in most forms as well. So I am happy doing that and I do 5 out of 7 days a week I would say. Spending time at my friends playing with their children and having quality time with them catching up. Another favourite and seriously they do make me happy. I love afternoons and evenings with a bowl of spaghetti Bolognese, bing, snake and ladders or loom bands. 


There are always going to be things you really don’t want to do or can’t leave behind. For instance we would all love to work less than we do. So we have to balance it out with spending our spare time with the things we love. It is really that simple. 

Honestly happiness can be anything, but being happy is the best feeling. A happy life is definitely the best and you just have to play around with things, eliminate some of the negatives and focus on the good things. It takes some time but when you find them you will know its the best, happiest life you have.

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