CactusWhen it comes to home décor it’s your choice and a way for you to put your personality into your home. Mine is very much modern and homemade. I am very fortunate to have been given the creative gene. I have my own unique style. I knew what I wanted my own home to look like and that’s what I did.

Cactus Ladder Shelf

I love Cactus. You can tell this from some of my youtube channel and my backdrop fabric is also cactus themed. I have been saving for ages for this ladder shelf. I brought it from the Marks & Spencer’s sale recently. This is very popular and goes out of stock very quickly. I have wanted a cactus shelf or table since moving out December 2016. If you would like ideas there are plenty on pinterest and on my social media accounts. Some would say I have an addiction to cactus and I can buy one every week if I had the money too. Cactus is the only plant I can keep alive. I do have other home décor items that aren’t cactus related.


Cactus Craft

So most people have tables for their cactus which I love. But to be a little different I went for the ladder shelf. Not everything is an actual cacti but the majority is cactus related. I wanted to add a little more of my crafts into my home. I love to sew and I love sewn pictures. These are really easy to make, and fairly cheap. Just collect together a mixture of fabrics that will create the image. Work out where to place it and cut the fabric to the shape you need. With a sewing machine, thread it with the colour you would like to use and put on the zigzag stitch on a tight stitch. Sew the fabrics on to the backing fabric. In the same colour thread as the backing fabric. I use calico. Stitch a normal zig zag stitch round the edge so they don’t fray and that’s it. Put it in a frame and it will look amazing. Mine is cactus related to go on my ladder but I have done this with many other images such as ducks. You can also do this with different threads and stitches to create an image too.

Bowl of Cactus

I have a big oriental bowl that I filled with cactus just before Christmas I believe. I get so many compliments on this and now its growing the bowl is filling out more. I don’t think I will be having this bowl on my shelf because it sits well on my dining room table but I love all the colours and how bright and cheerful it is. It definitely brings colour to the room. It also has a cutting from my Great-Grandma’s original cacti.


Cuppa Cacti

I love a variety of cactus and so I want to continue to fill the ladder with more and new cactus I find along the way. I also tend to plant these uniquely. I got some mugs for my birthday. One bright pink and white stripes with the word ‘cuppa’ in gold writing. As much as my friend really wants me to drink out this mug because in her words its Instagram worthy. I think a cuppa cacti is so cute too. Oriental bowls are so adorable too and just adds the colour to the shelf. My living space theme is navy, lilac and grey but by adding colours to the containers and buying a variety of cactus adds some fun and brightness to the room. A lot of my artwork is my own as well so ties in well with the modern homemade feel I am going for.

Mosaic Cactus

I was also part of a collaboration with my really good youtube friend Creative Lauri. We did a £5 thrifted home décor diy for our living space. I saw an amazing looking cactus mosaic tray on pinterest which I wanted to create something similar too. I have never done mosaicing before so this was my first time. I found a second hand bundle of mosaic on ebay and the tray in a local charity shop. What a bargain. This is my creation I am so happy with this. Its usable but I am not 100% sure if I will use it or have it to display on my ladder shelf as some of my art work. What do you think?


This is my cactus shelf do you love it? Or do you love cactus in general?

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