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With being on holiday as you read this, I thought I would share these years makeup essentials. When it comes to going away you need to select some of your makeup because there isn’t room in your case for everything. This year I am in Greece and I have selected my essentials to show you. As many of you know I don’t wear a lot of makeup normally but I do like to get dolled up sometimes. So taking basics and a little more suits me just fine. 

makeup bag

Starting with my makeup bag, because I have a few to choose from I have decided to go medium size so I can fit everything and have a little room for perfume, flannel or extra hair supplies. This is my too faced makeup bag from their 2018 Christmas sets. I love the mint colour and the cute bunnies in gold outlines and white bodies. The velvet black bow on the zip with the gold heart. It’s cute and does the job. 

face cream

Because I am going to a hot country on holiday I am basically moisturising my face more than I would normally by applying suncream multiple times a day. Never the less I am still taking moisturiser with me. It’s part of my routine I can’t not do my makeup without moisturiser. Since moving over from Clinique this is the brand I have been using and it works really well with my skin. Slightly thicker than other face creams I have used but keeps my face in tip top condition. 

face wipes

Simple wipes of course, easy to wipe your face clean and ready for bed, the beach, pool or to re apply your makeup. Not that I wear makeup around the pool but would if we were to be on a day trip or something like that.

facial oil

Facial oil is something fairly new to me, but as you all know I am really into skincare and taking care of myself. I’ve just started using Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Facial Oil and want to make this part of my daily routine. So I can’t not really not take it away when I am trying to add it in now. 

KA Brow

Normally to go on holiday I would be all waxed and tinted. But I am trying to cut back on money so I am doing everything myself. My eyebrows are really important to me and are always on show. Like I just mentioned these would normally be tinted. With me working 8-5 and my friend being away and working them hours too I haven’t got in. I am taking my KA brow from Benefit with me because I love how my brows look so good with them on. This will be applied at night but during the day my brows will be natural. 


Tweezerman tweezers will also be an essential for me. You never know when a hair can look out of place or you get a splitter or something. Tweezers can come really in handy. Worth taking, helpful if you need them and its always something I mean to take but forget. 


My everyday makeup is face cream, eyebrows and eyes. So I have packed my BareMinerals mascara. The one I use daily. Always will just chuck some of this on and go out. A little eyeliner and I am happy. I like how this mascara lengthens my lashes though they are naturally long and spread them out to look really pretty. 

eyelash curlers

Of course I couldn’t forget my eyelash curlers. I haven’t gone a day without them so definitely an essential. Can’t really even remember what my lashes look like not curled. Really want to say they look better curled but I have used them for so long I can’t remember what they look like normally. May have to try that one out. The curl and the mascara just make my eyes fuller and prettier than the bold hazel big eyes I already have. 


Again an everyday thing is my eyeliner. Always line my bottom lid with liner and it has to be black. I would love to not wear any or a different colour but I just feel I would look odd without the bold line under my eyes. Eyeliner is one you get right or can’t do to save your life. If you can’t do it don’t do it is what I say. I pencil my water line pretty well so I can but I know people who’s may as well be on their cheek.

shimmer shadow

As I am taking a lot of metallics and glitter colours I wanted some shadows for my eyes. I went to get a new one from Debenhams BareMineral counter but they didn’t have any. The actually glitters were too over the top for me and I just wanted the pencil stick with shimmer. When I was receiving Birchbox back last year, I got a DLS shimmer stick with is a rose gold colour. It just adds a like sparkle to your eyelid and a little something extra on a night out in Greece. 

gen nude palette

If I don’t fancy the shimmer stick, I have packed my Gen nude rose palette from BareMinerals. I can do at least 4 looks from this palette and that works well being I only have to take one palette and its a tiny one at that. The shades are very neutral but that’s the sort of makeup I like. And added something but not overboard. 

cotton buds

Cotton buds come in handy if you mess up your make up or need them to do something or the other. I am not taking a full pack but counted out 3 a day for 10 days. So I have a few extras if I need them and the daily allowance just incase. 


Then just incase I want a little lipstick, I have picked my bunny kisses from Too Faced. It actually came with the makeup bag I am taking. This is a really neutral colour and a shimmer to your lips. Such a pretty colour though and extra added something to look good if you going out or for dinner. 

That is my makeup essentials for holiday. No point taking foundation because as soon as I have a tan my face would look lighter than my body if I was to put foundation on. What are your holiday makeup essentials? 

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