Happy face mask Friday everybody! Who is out of the won tonight or are you in for a pamper spa night like me? Skincare is really important and should be anyway. Every Friday I review face masks for you all.

My skin is dry to normal, so I tend to go towards masks that will help with what my skin needs. I preferably would go for a mask you can apply over a sheet mask. Though I am working on finding a sheet mask that fits my shape or allow me to get it to fit and work on the areas that I need improving.

Today’s face mask is Glamglow’s Gravitymud mask and it’s one you apply. Instantly that makes me more confident about the mask. The packaging is really basic with the wording and colours though the colours are really effective to get the product to catch my eye. I love how the purple is so strong and bold but works really well with the silver lid and writing.


Gravitymud is powered with marshmallow and liquorice. It is to help firm and tone your skin leaving sexy contoured skin.

Like always I read the instructions. To be fair I don’t read many instructions and just go with the flow, but face mask wise instructions are key. They can be really random as well so a mask you would think would be on for a good 20 mins can be took off in 5. Glamglow’s gravitymud is one you apply and leave on for 15-20 minutes.

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This is the first Glamglow product I have used, and I was really shocked when I opened it and the mask was silver. It made me smile, I love silver and silver that is new, clean and shiny. The instructions ask you to apply an equal layer across your face leaving space round the lips and eyebrows. Really is important to not get your eyebrows because they definitely hurt and pull a few hairs out when you peel it off.

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I felt like I was the tin man when I had finished applying and it was cool to look at. Don’t know why but I love masks that are different colours or slightly different to normal. I went off and chilled for about 20 minutes. I always leave a longer video to watch whilst my mask’s work their magic.

The feeling of the mask working and drying out across your face is weird and cool at the same time. Like how it dries, and your skin feels like you have had Botox or really hard to show your emotions.

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When it was time to peel off, I always hope that it peels off in one go. Am I the only one who finds peel off masks fascinating? It was actually hard to find a corner to start to peel. The edges were pretty stuck down. In the end I managed to peel off in 3 attempts. Even the peelings I found interesting and such a beautiful clean silver colour. A few random smaller pieces were left around the edges of my face and I used warm water and a flannel to remove them.

With the weather changing massively in the UK, I am not sure if both the mask and the weather have made my skin drier or just the mask. I naturally get patches of drier skin, being the middle of my forehead, my nose and around my mouth. My skin doesn’t naturally break out and I have been very lucky with my skin all my 29 years of life. This has to be due to my dry skin, but I have a couple of spots to my nose and the side of my cheek.

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Once peeled off I could see results. More of the firming and toning. Normally after a mask my skin is good for a couple of days after at least. This mask I don’t think results lasted as long. I don’t think I benefited from this mask as much as others I have used. The only reason I would recommend this mask is for the fact it makes you look like the tin man. But that would be it. The tube I have has definitely got 1 more mask in it at least so that helps especially if you are trying them out. Toning wise it works for a while but not as long as I would want it to. If you can get a sample or as part of a beauty subscription, I would recommend trying this before your buy the real size.

What is your go to mask at the minute? Would you recommend any for me to try?

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