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As much as I love chilled evenings in with the girls. It is sometimes nice to venture out for a meal or a drink. Many would think I was a girly girl, but when I think about it 99% of the time I am in jeans. If I am going out though I love to dress up a little. Of course depending on what we are doing and where we are going. So tonight I thought I would share some inspiration with you. Nothing is to girly girl. But its all got chilled, smart casual vibes I guess. 

It is still fairly ok and hot weather here in the UK, so these are outfits I would choose now to go out in. Saying that as I write this, I am sitting in an oversized cardigan, the windows are all shut and its pouring down. All of these outfits can be adapted I guess for the colder months. Simply by adding tights and a blazer or jacket. 

outfit inspo

To start with, I am wearing something that is a typical Mel is going out outfit. My go to would be smart jeans or some sort of patterned trousers with a cami tucked in, but pulled out. Honestly don’t know why but I guess it’s a comfort for me. This you can easily dress up or down, based on shoes and accessories. The cami in this, really brings colour to the outfit and I am wearing my big pandora watch and black high heeled sandals, for height and to make it smarter. I have to say when we took these photos, it was so weird to put in hoops and wear my rings. Since lockdown I’ve slacked on the jewellery front. 

outfit Inspo

Another outfit, another cami. I love to wear a cami top. This time I am wearing this hanging out of the skirt. But this would look equally as good, if not better, if I tucked the cami in. As much as it looks like I am wearing flats, these are heeled sandals. Just the grass always lets you sink in heels! Darker clothing always gets the smarter look for me. Again it’s about the accessories and shoes. For a night out, I would wear my blazer and that would smarten this up. It is perfect though for a summers night. The polka dots, buttons and frill on the cami add something to the outfit, to make it prettier. A black denim skirt is worth getting for your wardrobe. They are great for dressing up or down an outfit. 

outfit Inspo

For a smarter or more formal occasion, I would wear a dress. I rarely do but its nice to have when I have to go smarter. Perfect for work dos and meetings as well. The dandelion flock detailing on this dress definitely add to the dress. If you look carefully or take my word, the edges of this dress is all scalloped which is so pretty and makes the dress different again. Dresses like this are definitely ones to keep because you really can use for many occasion. In this, I have paired with my high heeled sandals, that have tassels running down the front and a wooden chunky heel. Though my hair is up in all these photos, the dress looks really good with my hair down as well. 

outfit Inso

Next is one of my smarter looks definitely. And one that I absolutely love. My top is actually from the market and is linen. But with beautiful lace all over. The lace brings such pretty details to the top and makes this unique. Today I have paired with ripped jeans and because the rips are only in the knees, this makes the outfit smarter but stylish. Wearing my short heeled sandals with this today, but it looks good with any show or sandal. A boot even. Honestly the top on its own makes the whole outfit pretty and being the neckline is high and razor neckline means you don’t need a necklace. 

outfit Inspo

Finally this is my casual look for an evening out with the girls. Perhaps one for a week night, than a weekend. But it’s colourful and beautiful none the less. I am wearing my navy v neck vest top tucked in to my polka dot skirt. Again this outfit would suit heels or flats and in todays look I awaiting my flat rose gold shoes. Though this is really simple, it works for so many things and does the job of ‘dressing up’ but not over the top. It really is pretty and I love the dull rose pink colour of the spots. 

These are five of my girls night inspiration for you all. What is your go to, to wear out with the girls? Are you a heels kinda girl, or a flats kinda girl?

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