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Happy face mask Friday everybody! How is your skincare routine going? Are you a regular face mask user like me or is skincare something you do whenever you feel like it?

Of course its Friday so today I bring you another face mask review. The more I try the less I like sheet masks, though they do what they tell you they will, they just don’t quite fit me and they don’t take as well to my face. I get overly excited over peel-off masks, *they really fascinate me and that is why I found and picked todays mask. 

face mask

Like always I like to and always will read the packet, just so I am sure that I know what is in it, how long to have on for and the random things you read along the way. This mask is a 15 minute mask and one you apply. Amazing! 

When I first opened this to start applying. Straight away you can smell how strong the smell of cucumber is. If you like cucumber you are good to go with this mask. This mask is for normal or combo skin texture and its is meant to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Its very over powered by the cucumber smell. But of course it’s a cucumber mask so it’s a bit obvious to smell a little of cucumber. 

Its clear and stays clear once dry. I don’t know why but I thought as it develops and dries out it would have a tint of green or a colour to it. 

peel-off mask

Because of the clear colouring to the mask, I did find it very hard to see where I had covered and where I hadn’t. I applied it as a thick coat, leaving my eyes, brows and my moles in the left hand side jaw line. I do reckon I went over some places twice, purely because I wanted to make sure my face was covered correctly and well enough to allow the mask to work its magic. 

I went a chilled for 15 minutes or so after my mask was applied. I would say the mask its self was quite sticky so my hands needed a good wash to get them clear again. 

When the 15 minutes were up, just to do a facial expression you know your mask is ready. It makes your face feel really wrinkly as it sets. This is where the fun part begins. I love to challenge myself to peel the whole mask off in 1 go. Normally it’s a fail but you never know when it comes to the night. 

This week minus the edges, I managed the whole face peel. Happy days! Am I the only one who does this? Is anyone else fascinated by this? It’s so satisfying pulling it off in one go, to be honest anyway you peel it off it’s satisfying. 

face mask Friday

It’s the day after now and as I am writing this. Even though the mask was a hit, most of them make my face glow for a good few days. Today my forehead already feels dry. Only ever so slightly but still. My face does seem that little bit more dryer all over to be honest. 

Maybe thats because I missed them spots or they didn’t have enough on. Or maybe the mask was just not for me. 

I would recommend this mask for sure. It’s a cheap one again, if you’re not a weekly skincare kinda person then yes use this. I just think for me that it’s not helped my skin as much as others have. 

What face masks are you into? What one would you recommend to me?

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