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With Summer here, or just gone for us in the UK temperature wise. I wanted to share 4 of my summer go to looks with you all. Yes I did post a lookbook over on my YouTube channel but these 4 are different to them. As I just mentioned on the rarest occasion the weather is boiling in the UK and sometimes it feels like early spring. Then other times we are averaging around 20c and that is ok is. I’ve put together 4 outfits for you to try cover a variety of looks. 

A little disclaimer before we start the outfits. I am 100% as white as Casper the ghost in these, or some more than others. My body playing up a little and causing me to feel sick, but I am 100% ok, just may look a little rough. It was also extremely windy whilst taking these photos. 

summer fashion

First up a pretty standard casual outfit for me. If you didn’t know when I worked in the office I could wear casual clothes anyway. So this would work for work, home, chilled weekend. Whatever to be fair. My tummy plays a big part in my style because it doesn’t overly like things tight to it. I am wearing my Joni jeans from Topshop in this, with my striped Levi tee in navy and red and my slip on vans in navy and multicoloured chequers. Comfort is really key for me but at the same time I like to be stylish. These Joni jeans are maternity but you can get them as normal jeans as well, they are ankle length as well which is perfect for summer and can also be turned up. 

summer fashion

If I am not feeling jeans then I will be in a dress. Especially on the hotter days when I just want to chuck something on and get out this boiling flat! Dresses are mostly t-shirt style or made of similar fabric. I love a midi dress more than anything but maxi ones just don’t work with me. It is midi, short length or nothing. Dresses like this are really handy to have, you can wear them most places again. Mainly day time wear but I did wear this of a night on holiday as well. Pairing this dress with some black sandals, these are something really handy to keep on hand because they go with everything. 

summer fashion

Then for dinner and/or drinks with friends, bbq’s possibly as well, my go to would be a cami and jeans. I really don’t know why this is what I wear to go out but I do. Camis smarten an outfit up and I love to tuck them into jeans. My jeans are my striped ones from Hollister and are a skinny mom style. Wearing my small heeled sandals from Marks and Spencers as well to make this outfit more going out. The cami has buttons down the front of this one, and prints of bees across, a plain cami will look equally, if not more smart than the one I am wearing. 

summer fashion

Finally for the hotter days, most probably to be next year now for the UK. I switch my jeans out for shorts. The days when it’s boiling and you wish you were away laying next to a pool. Them days are the days for shorts and a tee. Birkenstocks that you can slide on and go. Shorts are hard to find these days, they are either knee length which is just weird and wrong. Or they are hot pants. These are the right length really and I like the length, they can be turned up as well if these are too long for you. My Levis top is in this lush mustard yellow and is on the cropped side. More of a casual outfit again but when its hot out, it is too much effort to dress up! 

These are four of my go to looks for Summer. If you want to see more you can watch my lookbook. Summer is good for fashion and colourful too which is nice. Especially when we are living a surreal lifestyle right now. 

What is your go to look for summer?

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