flowers, face masks and finesse

So I thought I would do a bit of a lifestyle blog for you today. Maybe you’ll get to know me a little better or learn to know what I get up to. Last weekend was a right variety and this is why I want to share it with you.

So being the last weekend before October I needed my monthly set of flowers ready for my Hello October post for Instagram. I love flowers, they are always pretty and brighten up any room. They always put a smile on my face when I walk in and see them. Also the smell makes the room smell nicer. I normally get mine when I get my weekly food shop at Marks and Spencer’s. But I have to say their flowers seem to disappoint me. They don’t last long and are expensive for what you get. This time I went to the local market and brought a bunch of roses and hydrangeas. They were £19.50 so just higher in cost than Mark’s but I am hoping they last longer. The flowers in length seem better and the smell is amazing. Whilst I was in my local town I also went food shopping, one because I was hosting dinner for my friend and 2 for the weekly shop for my food this week.


I went home midmorning to do some housework and get my flat clean and tidy for the evening. I literally had an hour so it was a bit of a rush but got it done.

12 make of christmas

12 makes of christmas

Hobbycraft are running a variety of courses to do with Christmas, called ‘the 12 makes of Christmas’. We went to make an advent train calendar. It looked really good when we unpackaged it from the box all wooden and plain. The course was 2 hours and let’s say it wasn’t enough time. The idea was to paint the train, Santa and the carriages. Well the paint was everywhere. Paint where you want it, paint where you didn’t want it, paint on your clothes, hands and arms. I went with my Grandma and Mum so all adults and we have all come home disappointed. We went down to the Hobbycraft store and have brought a few things to hopefully improve our what looks like 3 year olds painting.

12 makes of christmas

When I got home I only had an hour until Bex arrived so I quickly hoovered and changed ready for her arrival. Cooking for my friends and catching up are one of my favourite things to do. *I love my new essential oil diys book. We decided we would have a girly evening and have a little pamper. I also cooked a roast dinner. The rule seems to be whoever’s house we are at cooks the dinner, the other brings the pudding. So we had roast chicken followed by millionaires shortbread pudding. Yummy. Bex also brought me some lovely flowers and we shared the box of celebrations whilst our face masks sunk in.

diy essential oil face mask

The face mask was Lavender and Chamomile. So easy to make and the recipe allows you to have enough for about 4 masks. All you need is *2 teaspoons of red clay, *3 teaspoons of French pink clay, 1 tablespoon of water, *3 drops of Jojoba oil, *6 drops of lavender essential oil and *4 drops of chamomile essential oil. Mix together and apply to your face. It smells amazing and makes your skin feel so soft. We left ours on for about 20 minutes whilst watching a couple of strictly come dancing dances. It was a really nice evening and good catch up. We have now eyed up some more scrubs, creams, candles and masks to try. When Bex left I tidied away and then went to bed. Slept amazing not sure if it was the lavender from the facemask or just me.


When I woke up on Sunday I got ready to go to my parents. My mum and sister were going on a local photography course. My dad had asked me on a daddy daughter date day, but due to circumstances we ended up babysitting from my niece and nephew. (6 and 4). We also had an unwell pony that needed checking on. We took the little 2 out for lunch. Abigail persuaded dad to let her have an adults chocolate brownie. Of course that’s what Grandads do let them. I went home about 2:30 and Sunday evenings for me are for editing, scheduling videos and blog posts. Organising and editing my photos for instagram and getting ready for work. When I got home I went straight into the shower washed my hair and put my pyjamas on. It was freezing, that or I was feeling under the weather. So on went the dressing gown to. I sat at my desk and edited videos and uploaded blogs. I made a chicken roll for my tea. I love chilled evening that also make you motivated and organised for the week ahead. I also watched a few youtube videos, tried to improve my advent train, though it still needs improving now and I got my gym clothes ready for Monday’s Pilates. I then got ready for bed and went to sleep about 10pm.

What was your weekend like? What hobbies do you enjoy? Would you do a craft course?

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