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When it comes to addiction I always think of drugs or alcohol. But really you can be addicted to anything. I was addicted to fashion and still am really, but I am trying to break through my addiction. It can be really hard when you are constantly out shopping, browsing the internet and when you need an outfit or two for a special occasion or holiday. This series is all about me overcoming this addiction. One month let’s hope for a spend free month. We will see.

I love fashion, I love buying, wearing, looking, everything about fashion. Ok some trends or styles aren’t my cup of tea but the majority of trends I am there. Even if I see someone in an outfit I love, though its normally the other way around I want to find something similar. This month has to be the first month really that I have fallen in love with an outfit and thought about it for a while before purchasing similar.

Due to September being just around the corner, meaning it’s my time for a holiday. I always love to get new clothes for holiday. It’s not like England its mega hot and you can walk around in shorts and t-shirts all the time. To be fair I am freezing cold sitting writing this and have been for days and its August! Though I haven’t finished buying for holiday clothes, yet I was really sensible when it came to my Shein order. Not only did I buy in multiple sizes and colours, I sent back 80% of the parcel roughly. That is a mega difference to how I am normally.


Most of the clothes I buy I only wear twice if that. So, I put a lot up for sale on Facebook and eBay this month. This is a good way for me to earn money to get the latest style or at least get half my money back from what I spent originally. A lot of my Pandora charms aren’t my style anymore, so I put them up for sale too. Definitely something to think about when you need new clothes but have some in your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore. If everything sells, I will have a good amount of money to spend so definitely works in our favour, though saving that money would be better!

If you have followed me for a while especially on YouTube. You will know my MacBook Pro loves to play up every couple of months. With this happening only the other month, it wipes everything from my memory, so I created a new money sheet. All my outgoings, food, petrol, etc and money I have left to play with.

You know battling to fight your addiction doesn’t mean you can’t buy anything, you can but you have to stick to that money allowance. If you have £50 for instant that £50 could be £12.50 per week to go out with friends or a new book or £50 on new clothes for the month. Rewarding or treating yourself is still allowed it you stick to your budget allowance. Weighing up your priorities and seeing what is more important to you.

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One problem I have found about managing my money is that bills have changed, or I have switched them after the changeover date. This was really bad for me this month with going to Goga and prepping for holiday. Things like this is really when you need a savings behind you and then you could borrow some money to cover you. I am really lucky that my weekend away for Goga was the cheapest ever. Total spend was £10 though that doesn’t include the petrol I would have needed anyway. Two electric providers have taken money this month, but I will be reimbursed from the old provider in about 6 weeks.

Cutting down your monthly spend can be really hard. I have found this hard most probably because I need clothes for holiday. The worst is going food shopping when hungry. Two weeks of this month I have swapped supermarket to one that has clothes in. Though tempted to buy a cheap outfit I have been concentrating on the weekly shop and get back out as soon as possible.

Fashion related addiction I have brought a lot from Shein but I only kept a bikini, a skirt, top and dress. I did want to keep more but my mum told me I didn’t need all the clothes and shop elsewhere if needed. A variety of brands etc is good. That is all I have brought clothes wise this month, which compared to the amount I am used to spending I can’t overly open my wardrobe to something new each week.

Working with my money and knowing my exact budget has really helped me. My credit card is still in the keeps of my mum. I can use it for online orders, but I have to move the money as soon as I get the parcels and know I am keeping them.

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Money does go sooner than you realise. When you need face masks and books to read. Everything costs money. Budgeting should definitely help, and I can’t wait to be back on track in September.

September is going to be good for me because I am away for 8 days but over 2 weeks so I will have the 2 weeks’ worth of food shop to save/spend. I don’t overly have plans or a need to spend for the 2 weeks prior to my holiday so hopefully if my holiday clothes are cheap, I can manage to save some money.

There is a special something new that I am trying at the minute, that I really need to save for or spend on that. I want to move off fashion and put my interests and needs into this new adventure. I’m pretty confident I can do this but who knows what will happen and when it will be a good move or a bad move. The challenge is accepted though and I can’t wait to put my money into this. That is all I can say on that right now.

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You could say my addiction is sorted. I want to concentrate on budgeting and trying to buy only what I need. September, I feel is going to be a good start to this and push me back on track to the best of all choices. It’s the books I read and the other bits and bobs like crafts that add up and that’s why I want to work with my new spreadsheet to make the best of my money and save some more.

Are you a fashion addict like me? Do you love to buy the latest things or whatever you fancy? Or do you budget and save like crazy? I would love to hear your tips on budgeting and saving.

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