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With the world starting to slowly open up to the new normal, I am really excited to finally be able to celebrate my 30th by seeing my friends. Who realistically has even got dressed in the last 10 weeks or so. I mean properly dressed? We deserve a chance now to actually dress up and carefully make things work. At a 2m social distance, you can definitely make an effort when you go meet your friends and/or family. Why not? Of course fashion is my favourite thing, my only thing I love and live for. 

I was really happy and excited when Femme Luxe reached out to me again last week and ask if we could collaborate. My answer being of course! Having loved their loungewear collection, I am really up for seeing their other ranges. So here I am today collaborating with Femme Luxe and sharing some of their Jumpsuits. 

The brand is a fashion based brand, all about style, on trend clothing and accessories and social media. They are based in Manchester and the team there have been really lovely and helpful. I was gifted the 3 jumpsuits I am about to share with you. 


First up I want to say that their delivery is super fast. I ordered my 3 at 3pm ish on Friday and by half 9am on Saturday morning the courier left them on my doorstep. My last parcel was a lot bigger than this one. To be honest I now can say I can see why, being 3 tracksuits to 3 jumpsuits. Not as much layers and items. Femme Luxe’s packaging is really girly and cute. 

Naturally I am a UK size 10/12 but like things on the loose side. You know enough room to breathe and be able to eat if needed. The quality of their clothes are amazing. Nothing is see through and they are well made. Each of these are made from different fabrics and the quality of each fabric is amazing. Soft and such good fabric choices. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

Black Slinky Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Wrap Jumpsuit – Nicole 

My first outfit is this off the shoulder black slinky off the shoulder jumpsuit from the Nicole collection. Black clothing is something everyone should have in their wardrobes. Simple but elegant and really makes your body shape even more beautiful. I am wearing a size 12 in this jumpsuit. Naturally I love oversized on the top half of my body and skinny on the legs. As you can see this is a huge role reverse for me. Figure hugging to the top half and wide legged to the lower. There is also a belt tied around the middle. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

Being I am 5’4 the jumpsuit was a little too long, but naturally I would wear this with heels as I have in the picture which makes them the perfect length. This jumpsuit is a classic to be worn out on the town or to a special occasion. You can easily dress up or down depending on the outfit. I felt good wearing this jumpsuit, the upper half felt secure and I feel like the pictures show how gorgeous this jumpsuit is. 

This jumpsuit fabric works really well to hold you in and hug your shape at the top but also hangs really nicely with the legs being wider. The belt definitely does add the final touch to the jumpsuit and brings it altogether around your waist. I love this jumpsuit and will be recommending it. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

Black Mesh Polka Dot High Neck Jumpsuit – Stephanie 

The next jumpsuit I am wearing is the black mesh polka dot high neck jumpsuit from the Stephanie collection. If you didn’t know this was a jumpsuit, you’d think I was in trousers and a top right? I picked this one to try on because it was different and I love polka dots as much as I do stripes. So it was a yes please for this one. Again in black because it’s really elegant and a colour of clothes, that really does help your figure. I am wearing a size 12 in this jumpsuit. This jumpsuit I feel though long sleeved you could wear it all year round. The mesh is why you could. With mesh you can just wear a dark bra like I am or layer it up. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

The zip in this jumpsuit runs right down from the neck to the bottom. Even with the change in fabric it ran smoothly through and when on or off you really can’t see the zip which makes it even more beautiful. I am the perfect height for this jumpsuit but if I was to be wearing this out on the town I would wear it with heels as I am in the pictures. 

You know I picked this out because it was different but also because of its beauty. The fabric choices are really good quality again and the mesh fabric was soft and just as any other jumpsuit or top. I didn’t feel like I was wearing mesh, comparing to other mesh fabrics that are scratchy. Perhaps because of how well it does go with the mesh top. It is really simple but the difference of using the mesh makes it unique, different and one that you can make an effort in, down to the slim fit lower half that adds the class to this jumpsuit. Already standing out in this beauty of a jumpsuit you could add a pop of colour in your makeup choice to stand out more. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

Black Strappy Wide Leg Cut Out Jumpsuit – Nova 

Finally I am wearing this black strappy wide leg cut out jumpsuit from the Nova collection. This one I think is perfect for summer and/or on holiday. Yes this jumpsuit is in black as well, but the detailing in this jumpsuit is really pretty. The frill on the spaghetti straps are really floaty and beautiful. Ruched detailing to the sides and front of the top front, leaving the cut out which I really like and the back being ruched from the top all the way down to the bottom. I am wearing a 12 in this and it was a little on the small size, so go a size up if possible. 

femme luxe jumpsuit

The pleats below make the trousers sit better and add the little something to them. These are wide leg cut as well but really does look right for this jumpsuit. It is cute for the summer or on holiday and will definitely again make you stand out in the crowd. I am the perfect height for wearing this with heels or I think on holiday I would even get away with a lower pair of wedges. Easy to dress up for a girls night out or even date night, but also dress down for a bbq or on holiday. 

With the sun out and the weather so beautiful this is the right time to wear this jumpsuit. Definitely one for the wardrobe! The fabric is amazing on this jumpsuit as well. Each of these are a different fabric but they are all amazing. Black clothes are a must have in every girls wardrobe and this is one for the summer for sure! 

Femme Luxe jumpsuit

If you want something affordable, stylish and simply beautiful, then head to Femme Luxe. They have such a good range of clothes and their jumpsuits are beautiful. The choice and styles you can pick from really does cover all occasions. Their jumpsuits are made from the best quality of fabrics. There is more jumpsuits that these 3 so check them out. In a variety of colours as well. See if any take your fancy, or buy these 3 if you would like. It is the perfect time to dress up. 

I can definitely see myself buying from Femme Luxe again because of the affordability but also the quality of the clothes. Most of the time the cheaper the clothes, the poorer the quality is. Not in this case. All items are sewn well but the feel of the material is good in quality.

A big thank you to Femme Luxe for gifting me these jumpsuits. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to wear them as things start to relax and I can finally celebrate my 30th birthday in style. I am even thinking the mesh jumpsuit will be perfect for the Christmas work’s drinks maybe. I’ve really enjoyed this collaboration and cannot wait to work again with you in the future.

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