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With pretty much everyone staying home because of the worldwide pandemic. It is the perfect time for loungewear right? Who realistically is getting dressed daily? Why wouldn’t you want to just stay comfortable and cosy. Come on, even zoom and teams calls, only see the top half of your body! I am super excited to share some of Femme Luxe’s loungewear with you all today. 

Last week Femme Luxe reached out to me and we arranged this collaboration. The brand is a fashion based brand, all about style, on trend clothing and accessories and social media. They are based in Manchester and the team there have been really lovely and helpful. I was gifted these 3 outfits from their loungewear collection to share with you all. 

femme luxe

First of all, the delivery was super fast. In fact next day delivery. Which is really good, especially now, throughout lockdown Covid 19. The packaging is super girly. A bubblegum pink in colour and has pink diamonds printed across. Femme Luxe is printed in black to stand out across the middle. Making effort in the packaging as well as the products is something I love. Actually its sort of showing they have more love in what they do and sell by jazzing up the packaging. In my opinion that is. 

Naturally I am a UK size 10/12 but like things on the loose side. I have to just mention that the quality of these clothes are really amazing. In the fabric and the way they have been put together. 

Femme Luxe

Grey &  Navy Contrast Long Sleeve Loungewear Set – Amina

My first outfit is this grey and navy tracksuit. So soft and comfy. I’m wearing a L (12/14) in this grey and navy contrast long sleeve loungewear set by Amina. It is meant to be an oversized fit, which is perfect and looks it to. Maybe I could of gone for the M 10/12 but this works well. 


It feels so good to be wearing and is warm, which is good for the colder days. There are pockets in the joggers and the hoodie. I love navy and grey and you may have noticed. The detailing of the sleeves changing and the edging of the pockets, adds that extra touch to the outfit.  

femme luxe

Really does fit well, love the colouring and how well they suit each other. Something you can chuck on and still look cute in. Perfect for Autumn, Winter and Spring. Obviously you can wear the hoodie without the joggers and visa versa as well. The quality is insane and really affordable in price too. For them days at home or even just the chilled days when you have to do the supermarket shop, this will work. 

femme luxe

Grey Oversized T-shirt & Leggings Loungewear Set – Everleigh

The next outfit is this grey oversized t-shirt and leggings by Everleigh. Oversized is my thing and leggings are super handy to have. With or without the t-shirt. To touch they are amazing as well as to wear. Such a good quality in fabric for the t-shirt and the leggings. I am wearing a M (10/12) which is perfect. 


My legs are naturally stick thin but these leggings fit pretty good. The leggings are high waisted which is good for me, but being leggings they can sit lower down if my endometriosis is causing havoc! Even though the grey is slightly different from the top to the bottoms, I love the mismatch blend but also the oversized t-shirt isn’t crazy oversized. Making it look better. 


This one is for the Spring/Summer for sure. And definitely the warmer days of quarantine. Perfect to lounge around in or go out quickly. I wore this down to collect my shopping today and just chucked my pink knitted cardigan on. Really did look cute and sort of as if I had made an effort. These would work well for watching movies on the sofa or a girls night in for a pamper session as well as pyjamas even. 

femme luxe

Navy Oversized Sweatshirt Joggers Loungewear Set – Christina

Finally I am wearing this navy oversized sweatshirt and joggers set by Christina. I told you I love navy and grey! The set is pretty basic but the quality again is amazing. This is more of a boyfriend fit but still looks in proportion based on the oversized look. I am naturally cold and most of the time I am cold, whether I am home, work, or even the beach. Taking this out the packaging made me feel good as well as wearing it. Just from the texture and quality of the fabric. 


Such soft fabric and again on the warmer side. So an Autumn/Winter and maybe colder days in Spring loungewear set. I am wearing a size M (10/12) and it fits really well. The cuffs around the ankles are the perfect size, not too loose or too tight. That is something I love in my tracksuits, to have the arms and trousers cuffed in. 


Though this is basic and some may say like a school pe kit. Its really good for when you are home for the day and you just get up and chuck something on. Chilled days and comfortable days. Even with the basic of this set, the quality again is amazing and the added details. The joggers have zips on their pockets which is good if you are just popping out quickly. 

femme luxe

If you want something cool and affordable to wear during and after lockdown, then head to Femme Luxe. They have such a great, amazing range of loungewear. More than I am showing you here. All 3 of the outfits I am sharing today come in different colours as well. If grey and navy don’t take your fancy. 

There are so many stylish styles to choose from. You can just buy an oversized jumper or joggers from their loungewear range as well. They have the slogan tees available to and for the summer months loungewear sets featuring shorts. 


I can definitely see myself buying from Femme Luxe again because of the affordability but also the quality of the clothes. Most of the time the cheaper the clothes, the poorer the quality is. Not in this case. All items are sewn well but the feel of the material is good in quality. 


Why do you want to get dressed up when you are staying home? You don’t right! So go make your order today. It will be with you within a few days and you can look stylish but comfy whilst being home. Or dashing out for something. They put a smile on your face, they make you feel good and sort of as the effort has been put in but really it hasn’t. Better than your boss seeing your pyjamas right? Seriously go get some good clothes! 

femme luxe

A big thank you to Femme Luxe for gifting me these outfits. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to continue wearing them for lockdown and afterwards as well. I’ve really enjoyed this collaboration and cannot wait to work again with you in the future. 

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