It is that time of month where we say goodbye to the old and hello the new. A time where we round up the month and talk about what went well that month and what become our favourite. For me, a favourite can be absolutely anything. Being not pure beauty products or food. Because really can you just say that your favourites for February are purely beauty based? The answer is no because everyday you do different and learn from things. Some things you loved, you may now not even use! Sharing a variety is my way of also letting you see what I am loving and a chance to try something new or revisit something old.

eyelash extensions

First up which is a revisit to me actually, being my false eyelash extensions. I had these originally done for my 21st birthday and for a good 2 or so years. But took a break when I left an old job without a new one. My best friend has recently qualified in eyelash extensions so needs a Guinea pig or two. Me being one of them. I have to say I didn’t overly want them back on because my natural lashes are quite long. But now I have them on. Ok I love them. Had them on for 4 weeks now and they are still looking full and pretty. We used a primer first which we think have helped them stay fuller for longer. Even waking up ready to go is so much easier, though still strange to wake up to. Can’t wait to get my infills done.


I am back in the swing of my third term of floristry, intermediate level. Have say I am still loving this and weeks for half term or end of term, I am really missing that creativity. The 2 and a half hours every week, switched off from the world and in my creative zone. There is so much you can get from switching off from the world and putting all your attention and time into something you enjoy. Some weeks, particularly the weeks when its silk fake flowers I am struggling to get into the creative zone fully. So, for the upcoming weeks of Easter creations I have brought my own to make sure I am making the most of my creative potential.

My diet has been all off and messed up for February. Because I come home for lunch, I am really into toast at the minute. 2 slices of white bread toasted with butter. It is so good. I guess with the colder weather it is nice to have something warm for lunch. There is nothing more simple and good as a slice of toast and butter. Such a good thing to revisit for me and one I hope to continue for a while.

Due to putting my flat up for sale, it has been a month of decluttering. Not that my flat was overly cluttered. But it’s amazing how open and tidy it looks when you don’t have your Kenwood mixer on the side or vases on the window seal. Didn’t overly have that much to declutter but just by removing bubble baths and things you hardly use really makes the home more sellable and loveable to new potentials.

colour coordinated

To coincide with decluttering. I have been organising most things this month. Again, there is so much more from an organised wardrobe than a messy one. Found so many clothes that I had forgot about and instead of just picking the same old outfit. I’m exploring my old clothes. It is amazing as well how colourful, colour coordinating is. The colours stand out and aren’t hidden between the darker colours. Inspiration has definitely lifted every morning when I open my wardrobe doors.

build a bear

Trying to not spend money is really hard for me and though this month I have spent my spending money. it wasn’t on myself, so I am proud of that fact. But I am loving the fact that my money went on my nephew Alfie. Making him happy and smile whilst having a treat for his 6th birthday. Though it is crazy the amount I spent in Build a Bear and Primark, he knew he’d been spoilt and was and is hugely happy with his presents. Of course, making me smile too and we have a lovely day out in Milton Keynes the two of us.

Everything seems to be money orientated today! I have been busy selling my old, now unwanted things. It is amazing the amount of money you can earn from reselling on eBay and other sites. Selling the right products, at the right time and your old things will fly off the shelf. I’ve had 3 things now sell in 5 minutes of advertising which is amazing. Worth it, especially if you are needing some extra money.

Seems that my taste buds have been a little naughty this month and changing every day. I am not wanting crisps as my evening snack anymore. Instead I am eating 2 rows of a large bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut. It tastes so good and might be near the top of my list on the chocolate hierarchy. One thing though is that my chocolate has to be room temperature. Fresh from the fridge chocolate is awful for me. just having the two rows is a treat for me daily but I am not going overboard buy restricting myself to that limit.


My mum noticed this one last weekend actually. That being my tiffany necklace. I am wearing it nonstop and evening showering in it. Most of my jumpers are high around the neck so the necklace isn’t always on show. But it’s just a nice simple touch to a good outfit. Adds a little extra to a boring plain outfit as well. When I am bored or nervous, I play with my necklace as well. So, it’s a comfort for me to keep me knowing I am ok.

Then finally one that if you can, you have to at least try. I’ve been coming home for lunch every day since the end of November. Didn’t think much of it to be honest because its my routine now but there is definitely a difference in leaving your desk and workspace for your lunch time period and staying at your desk. The reason I have experienced this and know this is true, is because I took my lunch at 9am one day in February to let the agent in and go through things at home. Yes, I still went home but it wasn’t the usual 1pm. It was early meaning I ate my proper lunch at my desk. When I go home for lunch at lunchtime, my work effort and motivation is as I have started a new day and can work fully in focus. The day I ate at my desk now, by 3pm I was falling asleep and zero energy. Really, I didn’t work at all that afternoon. So, this doesn’t just benefit you, but it benefits your workplace also.

These are my favourites for February. Mostly money related and lifestyle but a mixture none the less. What is one of your favourites you can recommend for me to try?

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