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Its face mask Friday and I am finally here to review the last in my pack of Anatomicals masks. What’s your Friday night like? Going out out or having a pamper evening like me. if you’re in for the pamper evening, chuck your hair up, pyjamas on and knot wrap to clear the hair from your face. Let’s go…

This week’s Anatomical mask called ‘No breakouts, it’s Alcatraz for spots purifying charcoal face mask’ excited me from when I first took it out the pack.

I love the weird peculiar names, the bright bold colours of their packaging. Its simple packaging, just a simple colour and text but it’s just catching your eye to want to try this. Another thing I love that the opening of the pack is at the bottom. This is just rare but really if you like the packaging and you can get more than 1 mask out of this. You can easily tape or fold the pack up for the next use.


I always read the instructions and I love their little quotes they put on the back and the facts of the product too. The face mask is formulated with natural charcoal. What colour do you think of when you think of charcoal? For me it’s black but maybe my mind is wrong. This mask is to help you detox your skin, remove the dirt and excess oil, refining pores and leaving you refreshed all day long.

face mask review

When I first opened this and started to apply I found it weird, purely for the colour. It was a green/grey colour. It reminds me of a colour you would paint the front door to your house. It smelt really nice to. I would say the best scent/smell out of the three.

face mask

There is a good amount in the pack for the money as well, you would get 2 masks out of this depending on how thick you apply to your face. I managed to apply a good layer on my face and neck and have just under half left.


It does tell you to avoid your eyes, mouth and eyebrows. I must be clumsy or it’s impossible not to touch them places, so when I finished applying it fully. I used a cotton wool bud and removed it.

charcoal mask

It said to leave for 5-10 minutes, which I did. This time is good to watch a bit of tv, catch up with a friend or browse the internet. Over this time the mask dries on your face. I would have to say this one didn’t dry out as much on my face than the others. Please note like the honey one, my finger did stain green. But today the day after its normal.

charcoal face mask

To wash off, I used warm water and a flannel. It did take a few times to wash off. Some areas I had to scrub more than others, but it did all come off. My face didn’t stain like the honey one or my finger.


I always feel good after a face mask. Whether it has worked or not. Skincare is so important to everyone and if you don’t look after your skin you should start to.

Today, the day after, my skin does feel good. It’s less sticky as ones for moisturizing, that I normally go for. My face does have a glow and is in good health. It’s actually nice that it fixed its dryness and I am able to concentrate on other areas and problems and get rid of the after stickiness that stays around for a few days.


Anatomical masks are really good value for money. They are 2€ and to think that I have got 2 masks out of each. These masks are good for anyone. 2€ is nothing. I did buy these as a 3 pack. So, if you are new to the face mask one, go to Anatomical for a mask. The scent, the colour, the results are all really good. Or you aren’t sure on what your skin is like, this is perfect to experiment.

Charcoal is on trend at the minute and it’s good for you. You will definitely benefit from this charcoal mask. I love that you apply it because you can put on as much or as little as you need. It allows you to make your own choices and fit it to your face shape. I would use and recommend this to anyone.

What is your go to mask? Would you recommend this to me and why?

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