Hello, it’s been a while I know. But I took some time to myself on Sunday and actually did a face mask. My skin is really patchy and rough at the minute. Dry and I seem to be breaking out. So I decided my skin needed a little TLC and tried this Elemis mask that I got for Christmas. 


This green facial mask is meant to nourish and hydrate your skin for a brighter, softer and smoother appearance. Out of the two I got, this is the one I tried first because my skin definitely needs hydrating and everyones does once in a while at least! I didn’t even know you could buy these sample size tubes and will definitely be on the hunt to find more from various brands. Elemis is a brand I actually worked with kind of, a good 13 years ago. Since leaving the gym I didn’t really touch Elemis again because its expensive. But it is such a lovely brand and have good quality products. 


As I mentioned my skin is a little off at the minute and all over the place. Most probably hormonal because it is the time of the month. But I never got spots or nowt until I turned 30 and it went downhill. So I needed a boost of hydration and some extra tlc. 


The mask is super easy to follow and use. Simple directions are on the back. As simple as “apply and remove after 10 minutes. If contact with eyes occur, rinse throughly. DO NOT EAT.” All the ingredients are so small I can barely read them. But what more do you need on a mask, that the timings to keep on for. Masks like this are my favourite, because you apply them and they aren’t 1 fit for all!! 


One thing I would say whilst I was applying this is that you need a lot to cover your face. I put what I thought was enough to start with and ended up putting another layer on over it. That or my skin absorbed it fast. But 2 layers or 1 thick layer worked. You could probably tell this if you watched my YouTube self care Sunday video. 


10 minutes go super fast and then its time to wash off. I have to say this was the first wash off mask that I have found that actually comes off easily. Normally I have to scrub for a while to get them off. This literally took the flannel and some water once over. 



Easy as really. I would recommend this 100%. This 15ml tube is £6.90 and I would say I can get at least another, if not 2 more masks out of this. A 75ml tube is £30, so slightly pricey. But if you are using all the time, then yes its worth it. 


It has been 5 days since I used the mask and writing this now, I will be honest with you, I wasn’t all yes yes yes until today. As I mentioned before my skin is just not right at the minute and even now I have a spotty area to my jaw. But my skin looked good today for the first time in a long while. There was a glow I haven’t seen in a while. So I would recommend this purely as it worked! Yes it hasn’t worked all over but it has helped. I would probably put more on the areas that need it more next time, but it does its job. 

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