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In my birchbox UK monthly subscription box this month I received the Dr Bontanicals Po Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask. As I have been really looking into skincare and especially face masks I thought I would review this for you.

Dr Botanicals PoFirst of all how cute is the packaging. I love the pastel pink with the bold black lid. It stands out to me and makes me want to use this. It also stands out to me because its vegan, cruelty free and 98% natural. Brands making their products vegan is a plus, why would you want to test this on an animal? Its cruel so this gets an extra tick from me. I think other top make up brands should be too.

face mask

face mask

So it says to use 2-3 times a week so every other day really. When I go up to bed I wash my face with a flannel and dry it with the towel ready to apply Po. I apply a little to my hand and massage into my face as I would a night cream really. Its thick in consistency but covers the face well. The small splodge I got in my hand covered my whole face.

Sleeping Mask

Then you go to bed. Its weird at first because like any other face mask your face becomes stiff, like its tight. But once your asleep you really can’t feel it on and it soaked in lovely.

The Morning After

When I woke up the next morning It looked like I hadn’t even applied anything but my skin felt good. Like I would normally, I washed and cleansed my face removing the mask.

My god this product is so good. My skin can be dry especially on my forehead but its so soft and smooth after using this. Its made me want to skip the day inbetween just to apply it again. Though my skin has been good for the 2 days.

This is definitely a product I am adding to my skincare routine. Its so cute and works well for my skin. I am glad that birchbox UK introduced me to this product and I will be buying this again when it runs out.

What is your favourite type and brand of mask?

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