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With the weather getting warmer and still being stuck indoors, I thought it would be time to get a tan! I naturally get a tan or can when I go abroad. That clearly isn’t happening right now and with living in a flat, it’s not overly likely that I can just lay out in the garden. More importantly I am still working Monday – Friday from home. As much as its lovely staring to the patch of grass outside, with the parents playing with their children. That’s just too close for comfort. So I have been using Dove’s tanning moisturiser and thought I would give you a little review on it. 

I have been using the fair to medium moisturiser because if you know me I am as white as a ghost naturally. This is the simplest thing to use. You moisturise daily anyway right? Then all you need to do is swap your normal moisturiser to this. Or alternate when the tan looks good. 

pre tan

The first night I had a shower, dried etc as normal. Then applied this all over my body and face. I tend to shower at night so you could say the ‘developing time’ is when I am asleep. This is a gradual tanner so you shouldn’t expect amazing results straight away. If you apply as you would moisturiser then its really good. 

Because this is a gradual tan, it will develop like self tanners but will gradually build and build the more you apply. For me I started mine on a Saturday night and by Monday I had an amazing tan. I went on my work’s teams call on Monday morning and people were thinking I had been out in the sun all weekend. It is that natural looking. 

You know some fake tans are too orange and unrealistic but this is really natural looking. It gives you a healthy look about you. Once you have an even coverage you can go from applying everyday to every other, or what suits you. I apply to my face twice a day, morning and night. But that is because I feel better for doing it twice. If you are happy with once then that is ok as well. 

fake tan

Doves gradual fake tan comes in two shades. Fair to medium which is what I am using but also in medium to dark. Now that I have a base coat I am going to see if the medium to dark looks as good on me. I have had my bottle for over a year now so its running out. So I haven’t applied any for a few days and my arms particularly are still pretty tanned. Hence why you don’t have to use everyday once covered. 

I have sensitive skin and also hay fever so I did get an itchy jaw line, but I really can’t tell if its from the product or that I am allergic to everything and anything outside right now. Really am thinking its the hay fever because my jaw has been itchy still with no tan on my face. Just thought I would give a heads up incase you have sensitive skin. If you do, maybe get that good even coverage, then don’t apply daily but every other. 

It really is such a natural looking self tan. Don’t you hate when your hands, feet and toes go a little on the orange side? I have guys thinking I spent the weekend in the sun bathing. So it has to be good if they think it’s real! No streaks, no patches just the added tanned glow that not many will be getting this year! 

fake tan

Normally its £6.50 which isn’t badly priced at all, and most have it on offer at the minute. £3.50 which is a bargain. Can’t overly go wrong with that. Apply as you would a moisturiser and within days you have been on a week’s holiday in the sun. I know a week in the sun sounds amazing right now, but this may have to be second best! 

fake tan

Obviously I went for fair to medium because of how pale I am. So if you are tanned slightly or do tan easily then maybe the medium to dark would be better. And like I said I have just ordered the medium to dark because of the colour I am getting now and hoping I look like I have had 2 week’s in the sun by next week! 

It is just so natural, easy to use and gives you that healthy glow! What more could you ask for from a tinted moisturiser? 

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