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Last Saturday it was our annual girly trip to see a west end show in London. Every year we, being myself, Grandma, Mum and 2 sisters we decide on a musical/show we would like to see and go watch the matinee performance.

This year’s musical that won from the selection was Aladdin and we saw this at the Prince Edward theatre. Aladdin runs until the end of July and we had to see it before it closed.

west end

This was our first time in this theatre and I would have to say that the front and entrance I thought anyway was smaller than others. The entrance didn’t have the big signs like Matilda so really if you weren’t going for Aladdin and you were just walking along you wouldn’t realise it’s there. I also don’t think it helped that it was London Gay Pride weekend, so it was so busy to even get near the theatre. Due to Gay Pride being on, the taxi couldn’t drop us at the entrance, so we had to walk a little way. Which isn’t the best for an old person, hey Grandma!


Our bags were checked before we were allowed in and as we queued round to get in, there was a photo opportunity point to have your photograph taken with the gold glittery genie lamp. Other than that, there were only posters up around the theatre and the wording of Aladdin on the pillars as you walked in.

golden lamp

Like 42nd street, I like the fact that we could all get in for a photo with the lamp as well as selfies in our chairs before the show began. This not just allows us to create the memories but to have them photographed down for life. I am writing bullet journal spreads on my summer bucket list goals, this being one of them.

theatre selfie

As the weather was warm, not overly sunny but hot. I wore my green jumpsuit with my sandals that have a small heel. I didn’t take a bag because my jumpsuit has handy pockets and I took my blazer just in case I was cold. I wore a mixture of makeup brands and you can see my get ready on my channel.

summer fashion

The lobby that you first walked into, I found a little confusing. Its wasn’t signed well as to where to go and we were early so wanted a drink and sit down before the show started. There was a bar that wasn’t open, a stall that we brought our brochures. We got 2 for £10, the larger full of pictures and the little one with all the information, like the cast and advertising new shows coming to London.


We went down to the stall bar where we had a drink and went the toilet before we went into see the show. I found that the décor was slightly old fashioned and old in general and that really was only in the walls and floor. More so in the lobbies and bars than the actual theatre. The seating in the bar too was old.

west end

When it was 2:15pm we went to go into the theatre to find our seats. Our tickets told us to go through entrance D. When you turn up to that lobby you can actually only see A and B entrances to the stalls and really, they should make the signs clearer for C and D. D was next to A. Well it was along and down the side of A. We really did have to hunt for that way in. When we finally did it felt like we were in the sides and where we wouldn’t be getting a seat. Though we paid and booked seats ahead of the show. We were in row F so fairly near the front, so entrance D lead us to near the front of the stage.

west end theatre

Our seats were on the right side of row F and these were good. You are always hit and miss to if you have good people in front of you or not. My Grandma is short so for her she has to take a cushion as her booster seat. We were lucky to have 2 children in front of us. Though as the show went on the little girl was fidgety and wanted to sit on a grownups lap. So, in the interval I offered to swap seats with my Grandma. I am higher so even with the little girl fidgeting I could still see.

Prince Edward theatre

If you think of Aladdin, what are the first things that come to your mind? For me it’s all about the magic carpet, the lion and the monkey. As well as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. As much as the story was followed and performed well, the magic carpet especially was missing and is a key part of Aladdin.


My favourite scene would have to be when Aladdin and the genie were in the cave. It was all gold and shiny, glittery and sparkly. It was just a wow moment with all the gold. They had firework and sparklers going off to. To be fair there was a matter of sparkle and colour throughout the whole show. But to me the wow was definitely in the cave.


Of course the interval means ice cream. I had a pot of vanilla Hagen Daaz, though plain it was so good. The seats looked like they had just been upholstered and comfortable but when you sit in them for long, I must admit I did get a numb bum.


The only down on this would be that we went on Gay Pride weekend. When the show finishes they open the fire exits and your just out on the street. Because the road was rammed with drunk happiness and it was hunt down the taxi driver you haven’t meet before. We did eventually of course found him. I would recommend you go get a ticket before it closes the end of July because it just brings your childhood back to you. Well if you’re a 90s child anyway. I hadn’t seen Aladdin in a long while. As soon as the curtains opened, and the song started I instantly remembered the story.

It was a fun afternoon, I love to go to see shows I know the story to more than new ones purely because I can’t easily get the story straight off. It is a nice treat for everyone and a special thing to do each year or just the once.

What shows have you seen? Have you or would you see Aladdin?

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