Hello there, happy new year! It’s 2021 and let’s hope its a good one. Even if we are stuck at home, let’s make the most of it. There is always a good thing in everyday, focus on them. As it is the first of January and like every other month, I am here today to share my favourites for December. December was a weird one but I have a variety of favourites to share with you. I like to share a variety because I can’t just pinpoint towards everything fashion related. But at the same time I do hope that sharing my variety allows you to try something new or fall back in love with something. 

Tiffany & love for her

First up is a new one for me and actually I am the fussiest to buy for. So I was even shocked and surprised that I love the scent of this. Work were kind enough to put together a hamper for everyone and I received this Tiffany & Co perfume Tiffany & Love For Her. Now I have used Vera Wang Princess solidly now for 15 years and never wanted to or liked another perfume. Hence why I was surprised to love this. It is a very light but beautiful scented perfume and I guess a little more grownup, if that is a thing for perfumes. I got the cracker version but when it runs out I will be purchasing a big bottle. 


It is freezing in the UK right now and my flat is the worst to heat. No joke at the amount of layers I walk round in, let alone sleep. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, but I decided to just get another duvet. Yes I am sleeping in 2 duvets and 2 onesies. But actually 21 tog is amazing and so snuggly and warm. My Grandma actually gave me a spare king size duvet so I have that over my 10.5 tog double. When black Friday was on, I brought new duvet covers from Wayfair and has made my bed so much better than it already was. 

curtain bangs

I have had curtain bangs now for a good few months but they have just annoyed me and got in the way. They seem flat and pointless if I am honest, they needed volume and flow back rather than straight down and annoying. Having tried a lot of ways, I have finally found a way that helps and makes them work for me. If I am honest I really love them now. As crazy as it is, I have been going to sleep with 2 rollers in and waking up 10 hours later with volume and some crazy curl. Just straighten them to get rid of the ringlets and they look amazing. 


No matter if I feel good, rough or awful, I seem to always have dark circles under my eyes. Nothing helps even if I feel amazing. So I decided it was time to invest and sort these dark circles out. I have been using BareMinerals concealer now and I look amazing even if I feel awful! Just a simple triangle under my eye and blended out with a beauty blender. Does a really good job and I am looking way better and less drained. 

christmas gonk

Being creative is something I am naturally good at but also something I love to do. With Christmas and giving out presents etc, it is a perfect time to get stuck in and create. Whether its making a gonk or a sensory book, anything it always makes me smile. All my spare time in December was pretty much was me concentrating on making something or another. Even colouring in is such a good way to be creative and relax you. 

I am a huge lover of Lotus Biscoff spread. To the point I can eat it by the spoonful, on its own. Ice cream is also something I am really into at the minute. Even with it being freezing. Over FaceTime we were talking about Lotus Biscoff spread and baking. We googled recipes and this recipe came up. It is the easiest recipe and the most delicious ice cream ever. You need to make it, 3 ingredients, a whisk, an empty tub and a freezer and you are good to go. The only thing I can’t be responsible for is the amount you want to eat in one go. Because the mixture is good before it is set as well. 


Candles are amazing and not only for their scents. They help with the mind and mentally reassure me. Around Christmas I love to light candles especially because the scents of Christmas are beautiful and magical. I normally make candles but I do love a Yankee candle as well. In my hamper from work I was given one Holiday Hearth and I have one from the other year The Perfect Tree. The perfect tree actually is really good when you have a fake Christmas tree but also the scents of Christmas are amazing. My new one Holiday Hearth, is really scented for Christmas but less obvious if that makes sense. 

bubble bath

Everyone knows I am a huge lover of hot bubble baths. Bayliss and Harding are such a good brand for toiletries and bubble baths. Within the hamper as well, work gave me their Mulberry and Mistletoe bubble bath. Though they are thick, they make the perfect bubble bath. They smell good as well and even if the bottle is shaped as a Christmas pudding, the scent doesn’t scream Christmas. 

Finally just before we head into tier 4 this Christmas it was lovely to spend a little bit of normality with my best friends. Honestly just being able to see them, though distanced it was nice and better than phone calls and texts. Just to have that time catching up, playing whatever and talking was amazing. Even if we couldn’t hug or that, just that quality time with them was enough. I always come away from times with friends a little happier and loved. That probably sounds weird but I do and my friends are amazing to me. We just now have to wait for a hug, then life will be amazing. 

So these are my favourites for December. What is one of yours? 

Melanie Kate

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