December Favourites

Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time of the month where I share my favourites with you. To me a favourite really can be anything from a trip, adventure, item of clothing or a dinner you ate. Though you could say that my favourites fall under the categories of fashion and lifestyle. Of which I specialise in, I also find it helpful to everyone, in order for the opportunity to try something new or revisit something old. I don’t think I could have a month of all fashion favourites unless I only shared one item. 

shampoo bar

First up is something I have been using for at least half the year but had ran out before my trip to Cambridge. This is Lush’s Shampoo Bars. Seriously they are amazing. I’ve gone from washing my hair 3-4 times a week to twice. They are vegan and cruelty free but also they are a naked product that actually works! The shop assistant persuaded us to try a new shampoo bar this month but I would have to say out of the 2 I have tried the Honey I Washed My Hair is the best. Slightly on the expensive side but worth the pennies, plus one bar lasts me 3 months If not more. Really easy to use as well, just wet your hair and rub it in like it was a bar of soap. Wash out and repeat to how many times you would a normal shampoo. For me that is twice, then a normal conditioner. 

bubble bath wand

Another Lush item I have been loving is the Bubble Bath wand. Another naked product that allows multiple use and works! I would have to say I am about half way through the wand and have had at least 12 baths from it. It was part of their limited Christmas range but I hope they get this as a regular product or something similar. Literally run the bath and when its nearly full swish the wand back and forth a few times, then you have a lovely, good smelly hot bubble bath. 


I was sick in December and not only with a bad cold/flu type virus but my endometriosis wasn’t too happy with me. To the fact that I couldn’t keep much food down for a good couple weeks. Thank god for dry plain foods hey, which meant I could eat and keep it down, even if it was a little portion. Pasta bows were my go to for dinner with a squirt of salad cream on them. Don’t know why but the bows have to be the quickest to cook and easiest to eat. Even my bestie made me a plate of plain pasta when I went over because she knew I couldn’t eat pasta bake. 


The other dry wonderful food I managed to keep down was Jacob’s Crackers. Not even with butter or cheese on. Just dry crackers. Thank god it was coming up to Christmas so I treated myself to a 8 variety box. So I could have a range to eat when I was hungry for lunch and even breakfast some days. Normally I only eat the normal square Jacob’s crackers but I liked the taste of the thicker crackers that were more bread like consistency. 

fuzzy socks

Due to the weather being colder and winter has well and truly arrived. I am all for keeping warm, being that I am naturally a cold person, layers and thickness is key. Mostly around the house and to bed I have been loving fuzzy socks. They are just warm, cosy and soft. Comfortable and they keep your feet warm. Definitely a winter must have.


Though I tend to go for jeans and a jumper most days, I have been loving wearing dresses and thick tights. Because my tummy has been playing up, some days even my maternity jeans weren’t good enough. So being able to wear tights higher or lower than my pain really helped. If I have to go smartly for work as well I would rather wear a dress and tights than trousers because I have to be able to sit and function all day without wanting to rip the trousers off. Its fun having endometriosis and loving fashion. Sometimes they don’t play ball. Dresses are cute though and I can wear them with trainers, DMs, shoes or any other boot, high or low. 

Strictly Come Dancing was my favourite the other month and has to be again this month. The final was absolutely amazing and Kelvin and Otti really deserved to win. Their final dance when they wore pink was just so good and all the talent shone. I did love the series as a whole and though some couples should of stayed in longer, Kelvin was good from day 1 and that really was seen throughout the series. 


Elf is my next favourite and its one that my mum hates. Normally I get to watch it once a year around Christmas but this year I saw it twice. It is just funny, happy and a good magical film to watch. My nephew aged 5 believes he is Santa’s real elf and every night he goes to work to make the toys. Well Elf is just Alfie all over. The first time I watched it this year, was when I was sick with the cold/flu. Towards the end I was feeling bored and yucky and I wanted to do something. My mum decided that I could watch elf instead of us play a board game. At work was the second viewing this year, because we were on wind down for shutdown and there wasn’t much to do. 

For the bookworms, I read the 2nd in the series of JoJo Moyes books, After You. JoJo Moyes as an author is amazing. You can pick up a book and in a matter of pages you don’t want to put the book down. This being the second I sort of new the characters and what had gone on. Basically the guy died and left money to his career, the girl who fell in love with him. It’s all about her life as she struggles through etc. Can’t wait to download and read the third one, once I have read a few on my kindle already. 

Finally a really random favourite but one I am extremely grateful for. My work friend Laurie went off and got married then on to honeymoon, leaving me for 3 weeks. If you didn’t know I live 5 minutes drive away from my work. So I decided that I wouldn’t stay at work anymore for lunch break and I would come home instead. What a change that was! My mindset has completely changed and in such a good productive one. I don’t count down the hours till home time now, I come back refreshed and ready to work. None of the that can wait or anything like that. Its worth it if you can to leave your desk and go out or home daily. Do it for you health and see your mindset change.

So they are all my favourites for December. What was one of your favourites in December?

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