Crystals are something you really have to believe in, in order for them to work but when you fully do believe in them they work. Sort of showing your mind that it can do anything it wants if you believe and do. There is crystals for everything and anything. If you are going to do this and believe then do it. These are the ones I wear, use and believe in. In the year or so of having them I can tell you that life is better. Whether that is purely from the crystals or not, that is for you to decide. 

Always research what the crystals help with and which of them go well together. That would be the best thing. Work out which is best and what you need help with. Then go buy what you need and off you go. Blends are good as well so that you can focus on one emotion such as happiness. But like I mentioned before crystals can be used for so many things, probably everything. 

I have bowls full of crystals, bracelets and a pack of them that I carry around everywhere. To be honest I want more of them because I love them and believe in them. They work for me. Mostly mine are for happiness, anxiety, heartburn and my health. 

These are some that I use daily.


Amethyst – helps relieve headaches and fatigue. Promotes good dreams and good skin. Supports bone joints.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz – helps relieve stress and frustration. Eases anxiety.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine – maintaining energy and optimism in challenging times, Energy of spring, luck and prosperity.


Citrine – use to boost concentration. Boost memory and sparks creativity.


Agate – Detoxifies and eases anxiety.


Aquamarine – helps relieve stress, brings peace, heals emotional trauma and helps with acid reflux and gastrointestinal disorders.


Opal – increases inspiration and creativity. It also helps with PMS and headaches.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz – cleanses and restores the organs and the soul. Helps us to see things more clearly. Helps to clear mental blocks and improves focus. A great stone to be used with meditation when searching for clarity.

These are just some of the ones I use but I can definitely tell you I am getting them creative sparks for sure! I’ve had some crazy dreams over the times. Can be inspired by a lot of things and it’s amazing. 

crystal bracelet

Give it a go, in bracelets. A little pack that carries round in your bag or pocket. In your home, where you want it to welcome you everyday with positive, clean air and good environment. 


As I mentioned before, you can say that they are just stones, crystals a piece of rock. But actually if you have faith in them, wear them or have them around you daily. Within a month or two you can see a different. I take my bracelets off for floristry and pilates but once I forget to take them out my bag for a while. The rose quartz on one of my bracelets when near enough clear. So they need to be in day light and recharged. From the quartz cellaring you can see they do change and help things. 

Which is the most helpful crystal you have?

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