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It is face mask Friday and I am back with another moisturising sheet mask. Skincare is really important and should be for everyone. Every week I am here reviewing a different mask for you all. Most are for my skin type normal to dry but others just take my fancy and end up in the basket as well. 


This week’s mask is by Cosmetea. A brand I have used a handful of times. And today I am reviewing their green tea soothing moisture sheet mask. Cosmetea is another Korean brand and we all know Korean skincare brands know their stuff! If you are a regular you will know I have a love hate relationship with sheet masks because they just don’t fit my face well. But they do an amazing job normally at doing as they say they will. 


Their green tea soothing moisture sheet mask is designed to moisturise and sooth your skin of course! If that isn’t obvious by its name. It is formulated with tea tree and green tea extracts and works to leave skin feeling soft and refreshed. This is a 100% environmentally friendly cellulose sheet. 


What do you think of when you think of green tea? Maybe its because it’s got green in the name but I think of green. The packaging is cute in a soft mint green and illustration of a lady using the mask. A cup of green tea at the top as well. All the information is always on the back of the packets and to be honest if you read/look at the directions then you are pretty good to go. I would only read the back more if I had a reaction or was allergic to something. One thing I love about this is that the directions are both written and in picture form. Personally I like both because pictures can be amazing but also misleading. So having both makes this more user friendly. 

sheet mask

All sheet masks have similar directions, it’s the timing that throws you off. I always leave a mask on for the longer length of time advised if not longer. It depends on how the mask feels. This mask is a 10-20 minute leave on. Easy as, clean, toned face, put on mask, leave for 20 minutes, take off and pat the excess serum in. Bish, bash, bosh. 


As the directions state I used the mask. Now the sheet was of course too big as normal but the fit was better than others. I didn’t have too much draping down and under my chin. Which is really good because this mask was really liquid based and I didn’t want to have it running down my neck as others had. It didn’t luckily. 


No body can say they don’t have time for skincare because what can you do in 20 minutes? I just chilled out and watched YouTube but I could of cooked dinner pretty much, hoovered up, caught up with a friend. Anything read a chapter, honestly anything!! Hence why you can make time. The 20 minutes go fast anyway and with a click of your fingers the time is up. 


Being this was a very liquid based mask, I was worried it would go everywhere. But it didn’t leak at all which is really good. When I took it off I did personally have a lot left to absorb when I took the mask off. Which I pat in as much as I could. Then used a towel to lightly pat my face to take off a layer of the extra layer. 


I have to say this mask is amazing. It is £4 which is just below average for a sheet mask. But it does exactly as it says it will though. Not only is my face soft and soothed, it looks in really good condition. When a mask has a lot to absorb, it can take you over to the oiler side but this didn’t and left me with the perfect balance of normal. 


So based on the fact this is a really good mask and everyone needs a boost of moisturiser. Then I 100% recommend it. The green tea smell doesn’t even come through if you are worried for that either. So it’s definitely a winner. 

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