Happy Friday Everyone! What makes it better is that it’s a long weekend. If you are new around here, welcome. Every Friday I review a different mask for you all and hopefully give you a chance to understand the mask a little more before buying it yourself. Are you going out tonight or are you in for a pamper evening like me? Don’t you just love a little pamper and relaxed evening.

face mask friday

Skincare is so important, and it should be for everyone. It is never too late or too early to start your skincare routine. My skin is dry to normal and I tend to go for masks to help such as moisturising, purifying and cleansing. But I am open to try any and will do. Personally, I prefer masks you apply, sheet masks just don’t fit my face good enough or I just can’t get them to fit. I am still on the hunt for a sheet mask that fits my face the best!


This week’s mask is Clinique’s Moisture Surge overnight mask. I am pretty sure this is a sample size but definitely has a lot of masks in. You can find Clinique samples in beauty subscriptions and some shops also offer the mini size samples to try before you buy. Overnight masks are usually ones you apply so a reason why I love them.

The mask is to help hydrate and moisturise your skin overnight. It is meant to hold the moisture in your skin and strengthens the barrier to protect the moisture loss. Your skin should become soothed and calmer by a combination of antioxidants.


Like always I read the instructions because you never can tell how long to keep the mask on for or how to apply the mask. Things randomly change from time to time. It also gives you information such as what ingredient are in the mask, what the mask is meant to help and shelf life.

overnight mask

Overnight masks are the best, if you are someone who doesn’t have time for face masks and for newbies that are experimenting with what they want and need from their routine. To be fair anyone.

Everyone should have time or be able to make time for skincare. It’s so important. Your face and skin are always on show that’s why you need to look after it as much as your health and everything else that is important in your life.

face mask

I applied this mask after I had brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. The consistency of the mask is just like I would be applying my daily face cream, but just slightly thicker than what I would use daily. Apply as how you want to, I added a good layer all over my face and neck. To be fair it was extra than I would normally put on but with overnight masks they have the whole night’s sleep to allow it to work their magic. This is why it’s good if you have no time for skincare because it can just fit in with your bedtime routine. 2 minutes to apply and you go straight to bed.


It does feel weird when you go to bed. I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure how to lay because of the mask on my face but as soon as you nod off to sleep you completely forget about the mask and where you are laying, what is it touching and by morning you wake up and it’s all absorbed.

Sleep is so important to me and I love it! The night I applied this, I slept really well in fact I didn’t wake at all. Who knows if this is the masks doing or if I just was naturally tired and slept the best. If it was the mask, then like the bottle says use it each night.

face mask

In the morning I just washed my face with a flannel as I would normally and removing the left overs of the mask. To be fair if you forgot you’d applied the mask you wouldn’t really know you had it on come 7am in the morning. Leave the bottle by your toothbrush or something to remind yourself.

Today my face feels moisturised and in good condition. I have a few blemishes but even they seem to be a fraction better. My skin feels soft and smooth, hydrated to the amount it needed and not too moisturised that my face becomes sticky and oily.


Clinique as a brand is one, I use to use daily. I love their products, but I stopped using them last year because they aren’t cruelty free. Based on them not being cruelty free I am not sure that I could justify the £32 for 100ml bottle when many other high-end high-street brands can make similar if not better and be cruelty free.

face mask friday

There are reasons to say yes to recommend this product, because it works. The moisturising surge range is so good and works well. But really, I can’t recommend this because of the cruelty free. I am really against not being cruelty free and there are so many ways to be cruelty free. Price wise its high but if you use it daily it would work out at £1.03 a day which isn’t too bad.

Are you for or against cruelty free? Would you buy this knowing it’s not cruelty free? What is your go to mask and is there one you would recommend to me?

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