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Hey! It’s Melanie Kate here and its the time of year where I am wanting to give back. So this Christmas that is what I am doing. I’m just about to wrap up my 2019 goals of a year of self care and so I thought it would be nice to do a giveaway again. 

This Christmas giveaway, again is all about self care. Self care my favourite thing and the thing I practice daily. Why not have give someone the opportunity to make 2020 a better one and let them join my self care journey as I continue it next year. 

The giveaway is a bundle of self care and many of the things I love about self care. Of course I am creative so I am basing the majority of the back full on bullet journalling. But I have a few other things that are good for me also. 

Don’t think self care isn’t for you, because you don’t have mental health problems or a chronic illness like me. Self care is for everyone!

Unfortunately this years Christmas giveaway is only for the UK but do stay tuned for others coming your way in 2020 including international ones. Do you love a long soak in the bath tub after a stressful day at work? What about positivity? Is your thoughts positive or negative mostly? Is 2020 a year to love yourself a little more? Then this give-away is for you!


You can enter many ways and these are all detailed in the give-away link. Enter multiple ways for a better chance of winning this giveaway. My Christmas give-away will close the 16th December 2019 and I will hopefully post these in time for Christmas. If the post is being slow like most Christmas’ then it should be with your before 1st of January 2020. Ready for a year of self care. 

Please enter because I am really wanting to let someone experience the same as me and push for a happier, healthier lifestyle for them. Why not pick positives first? 

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Hey! I am Mel, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from the UK.

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  1. What a lovely post. To me self care means looking after myself, taking time out and doing things which make me happy

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