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Fashion is my thing, somehow I just get it, it works and there you go an outfit is put together. I have friends, family and followers who love my style and want to know where I got such an outfit from. Christmas for me is one where I want to dress up but at the same time I want to be comfortable and cosy. So today I thought I would share a look with you that I want to wear over this Christmas period. 

As I just mentioned cosy and comfortable is key for me and especially when I have to be dressed for more than 10 hours. That is because of my endometriosis and my tummy can start to get irritated in some clothes. I love a dress but right now I am not into wearing them. My wardrobe is at least a quarter dresses and I am thinking about getting rid. Again comfort is key.


This Christmas I have decided on an outfit that I love. Slightly basic but never the less what I think as cute. Let’s start with the top, I will be layering this because you can never know with me these days, if I will feel boiling hot or freezing cold. The main jumper you will see is high neck in this green. Which is an unusual green, not overly green but not mustard yellow colour. Though when I brought this, I was looking at the other colour options, my mum persuaded me to go with this because its different and actually I do like the colour. 

Though this is knitted, it’s a 4ply sort of wool. So it isn’t itchy and is wearable. It’s a thick, chunky knit but that is good for me. The sleeves aren’t fitted either so they hang nicely with the slight oversize look of the jumper. Love how its high neck but not roll neck. But saying that I am looking for a cute roll neck jumper. 

winter fashion

Under this I will just add a simple short or long sleeve white tee. Depending on the weather that is and because I am not home or in my parent’s home this Christmas I want to be prepared to add or take off as and when needed. Right now I wear layers and its normally a vest, t-shirt and a cardigan or jumper, t-shirt and vest. Naturally colder than everyone else. 

Bottom wise, I am into black jeans right now. I really don’t know why and any jean will go with these but for me I will be wearing my Joni jeans in black. Fact for all my endometriosis sisters out there, top tip for you. My jeans are maternity, no I am not pregnant but I can’t deal with buttons and stuff around my belly button. These Joni jeans with the under bump waistband make it so much easier and better for my tummy. Great news is that they do the exact same but with a zip and button in normal sizes too!

Winter fashion

My go to footwear at the minute has to be my Selina Dr Martens. Maybe because they are out ready to go each morning or because I find them comfortable. But they just go with whatever and look like you’ve made an effort even if you haven’t. By wearing these I am adding more style to my outfit, rocking the comfortable but stylish look and its a win win situation. 

Hair wise, I will either go with a pony tail, straightened and down or a top knot. I haven’t fully decided on this yet but right now I am favouring the straightened and down look. Who knows what the Christmas period will bring and what decisions I will make. What do you want to wear one this Christmas period?

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