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Happy face mask Friday everybody! It is that time of the week where we finish work, shower and put on our pyjamas for a little pamper spa session. Of course, if you’re like me add a little knot wrap to your hair too.

I am always up for finding and trying new masks. If I have a choice I would pick an applicable one over a sheet, but you can get results out of both. The more frequent you apply masks the better the results. Today I am sharing a sheet mask, I was really excited to try. Burt’s Bees as a brand have some really good and I would say high quality products. Burt’s Bees products use on average 99% natural ingredients. This one of the reasons I picked this purifying mask.

purifying face mask

I had just had my shower and decided to do this face mask. As always, I read the pack to make sure I know what to do, times and things like that. To be fair when I read the back and the time to keep the mask on, I had to double check the timing was correct. You keep this mask on for 2 minutes. I was so thinking this can’t be right. It must be a typo but no even their website states 2 minutes. You wouldn’t think that a mask would work in 2 minutes but anyway that’s what it said and that is what I did.

This mask definitely doesn’t have as much liquid in it as others I have tried. But if you think 2 minutes to 15/20 minutes you can expect this.

The feel of the mask is different to others I have used. It is a softer and has the texture and print of some toilet rolls. It has a textured pattern on one side, which is the side I applied to my face and the other side was plain.

sheet face mask

I found this mask easy to put on however it could have had more areas to allow the fit to be better. It also meant that under the eyes and nose the mask just gaped away from my skin. Which I guess didn’t allow the mask to work to its full potential.

Literally as soon as you have this mask on and adjusted to as good as you can get, it feels like it’s time to take it off. So, no going to sit down, meditate or watch some tv. This is a mask to put on even if you have no time because it’s as quick as washing your hands, getting your handbag or walking to the front door.

Face mask Friday

I was sceptical that this would have done anything to my face. Well I was wrong because it did have a layer of goodness glow on my face. I gently massaged this in and for that evening especially and even now I can still feel a different. At first it felt a little sticky. But after a few hours it was fine.

My skin is in really good condition at the minute. I can see and feel an improvement from my weekly masks. I would recommend this Burts Bees mask to anyone, purely that it takes 2 minutes, it works, and you see results within minutes. Who really doesn’t have 2 minutes spare even if it’s once a week to do a face mask? My skin is on the normal to dry side and even with just using this mask I can tell you that the drier spots aren’t dry. It’s not as though I used this mask a day ago, it’s more likely a week ago.

What is your go to masks at the minute? Do you have a particular favourite? Would you try this one?

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