fashionWhen it comes to me and fashion, I am all for the high end high street brands and the designers ones. Though my pay slip doesn’t really scream designer brands but its nice to treat yourself now and again with the more expensive brands. Thats why I like Bicester outlet village. Bicester village can be really good but also really bad and that completely depends on the day you go. I went to the boxing day sales there in December and got loads because the pricing was really good and the shops had so much I would buy. I went last weekend and there was less for me to choose from and buy. If I went tomorrow I could pretty much go and buy 20 things or 2. It literally depends on the day. Anyway I went and brought a few bits so I thought I would share them with you.

I am literally going to go through the shopping bags in front of me and share them. I actually think I would have brought more if my mum hadn’t said no to more jumpers the day before. But my friend did really well out of this trip. You can see that from this I didn’t do as well but my friend who went to buy 1 top came away £200 poorer due to the amount he saw and brought.
basic tee
Jack wills
First bag I am opening up is Jack Wills. We don’t really have a local store, by that I mean its about 40 minutes away from me. Jack Wills if you didn’t know are a high street brand but at the higher end. More expensive. Jack Wills is a shop for me. I love their clothes and have done since the brand first became popular. Their clothes fit me well, suit me and are really comfy. I wear a lot of their jumpers and t-shirts but have had their jeans and underwear too. Obviously I wanted some sweatshirts but as my mum was saying “no more jumpers” to me the day before I really couldn’t go home with jumpers from every shop. I wanted my money for one store in particular. I brought this khaki green basic tee, which is a boyfriend style fit. It is plain other that Wills written on the left side of the chest area. I love t-shirts like this, the colour is very different to the colours I wear normally but I love it. It easy to chuck on with jeans and trainers and look good. For £12 I couldn’t really go wrong with this and now I am home I wish I had brought it in more colours. One for my next trip I reckon.
bubble bath
Moving on to the next bag, Rituals. When I was last at Bicester Village in December they had some really good deals on and its worth to bulk up in the sale as their toiletries can be expensive though the do smell amazing. I went in there to stock up on bubble bath. Yet it wasn’t £5 anymore but £9. As we don’t have a Rituals store near me I brought 2 of these because I so enjoy a bubble bath 5 out of 7 days a week. So its well used. My sensitive skin isn’t irritated by it and it smells so good.
Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger
To the next bag, Tommy Hilfiger. The main reason we went to Bicester. Tommy Hilfiger is really on trend at the minute. Its expensive and something I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. This is where Bicester Village comes in handy. Its when your wanting the designer but the price just doesn’t fit your wage. Well I got this top for £16. Thats not bad money for a top at all. Most tops I buy these days are around £25 so I can’t complain. We were in the shop and I overheard the staff talking to a customer about the Men’s tops. I love the oversized boyfriend style at the minute and when she said that ladies tend to go for the actual men’s tops I was there. I tried on the exact same top but in ladies but the fit of the men’s was so much better on me. So it was worth the little tip from the member of staff. The only thing that was annoying about the Tommy Hilfiger store was that 80% was Men’s wear and 20% was ladies. The lady’s side wasn’t as good as the men’s. My friend brought jeans and 5 tops. The ladies side seems to be the same t-shirts and lacks much other choice.
Olivia Burton earrings
The final thing I brought and another good reason for going to Bicester Village for, was the Olivia Burton pop up shop. It was in the little greenhouses, you could literally spin round it was that tiny but I keep forgetting I brought these because they are in my ears all the time. I brought the most cutest pair of earrings. They are clever in as such as they are a plain silver stud, there is a bow that hangs down but its on a different piece of silver which gives you two options for length. This goes on the back of the stud before the butterfly. This can be tricky to put on and match up but I have got the hang of it now a week later. They were £22.50 and I have had so many compliments on them already.
That is all I got at Bicester other than some presents for my dad. Have you been to Bicester Village? What is your favourite designer brand?
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