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Happy face mask Friday everyone! Who’s excited for a little pamper night? Grab your mask, a flannel and make sure your hair is out of your face using a bandana.

Everyone that knows me, knows I prefer masks you can apply rather than sheets, however I really got on well with the Beauty Pro one I tried the other week, so I thought it was time to try another from their collection.

*This mask is a light weight sheet mask. One that brightens your complexion, improves elasticity, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It’s good for any skin type and packed with vitamin C too.

face mask

As always I read the instructions, not all masks are on for the same amount of time and some can be applied different to others. Also worth the check. Another good thing about this is its dermatological tested and the brand is against animal testing. Also a thing I look for in all products, but especially beauty products and brands.

face mask

As you can see from the photo above, I have dark circles around and under my eyes more so at the minute. I believe this is hay fever related as my eyes are so sore and itchy. My skin otherwise is in a good condition. The only other thing is that I somehow ages 29 gained my first spot on my nose. It looks like a small red scab now but I wanted the mask to help my spot as well as my skin overall.

face mask

I applied this mask, actually it went on pretty well. The fit is better than others I have tried, but it isn’t the best. The slits are lower down so the cheeks had too much mask and not enough skin to cover. But I just folded the extra in half and smoothed out as much as possible. What makes me laugh is the nose bit is always too long for me, if it drops a little whilst I walk back to the sofa, as I breathe the mask moves with my breath.

I left this mask on for 15 minutes, like the packaging tells you too. I just go chill out or work on social media stuff while the mask does its magic.

face mask

This is me post face mask. There was a lot of liquid that hadn’t sunk into my skin yet, so I simply massaged this into my skin gently. My spot on my nose has definitely improved and not less obvious. I also believe my skin is better. The condition of my skin, simply just feels so good. Its soft and full of good products.

I would recommend this mask to anyone. I can definitely see results, even days after use. I would say I would pick the other Beauty Pro mask up again over this one purely because you apply it over a sheet but I would definitely consider to pick this one up as well.

What’s your go to face mask at the minute? Have you tried Beauty Pro ones? What one would you recommend to me?

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