When it comes to face masks I am all for ones you apply, over sheet masks. Why? Because the sheets never fit or go together properly to fit the shape of my face. It’s very rare to find one that does and that is me trying a new one out weekly as part of my face mask Friday series. I am also weirdly fascinated with ones that are a little peculiar or the ones you can pull off in one go like this one.

My skin is improving by adding at least at weekly mask. It’s totally cool and so good for you to look after your skin. I have pretty good skin and also have done, I never really did the teenage acne or zits. I rarely wear foundation or makeup products like that because my skin is in good condition. But I do get dry skin and that’s why I look for masks and products to help dry to normal skin. It’s normally to the middle of my forehead, my nose and to the left side of my face though the left side of my face seems to really have cleared using weekly masks and new face cream.

charcoal peel mask

This week I picked out the Beauty Pro black peel charcoal mask. I read what it helps with, what its good for etc but I didn’t really read that the package contains 3. This is such good money for 3 masks.

The points I really liked about the mask is that it repairs skin damage and brightens complexion, clears impurities and stimulates collage production to reduce wrinkles. It’s also good for skin hydration and I definitely need that.

charcoal mask

Of course I read the pack of how to apply, where to apply and how long to leave for. It tells you to avoid the eyes, mouth and hair line. I can tell you now I got a bit in my eyebrow well that was definitely interesting getting that out of there.

face mask

It reminds me of dessert sauce when I squeezed it out of the package. It goes on really well. It says to apply less but a full coverage. I felt like there needed to be full covered, I mean like there should be a peep of skin showing through the mask.

charcoal mask

I went for a chill for 20 minutes after as the package said. Watched some youtube and chilled out. This is what fascinates me. I don’t know why but it does. I love when the mask sets and it’s hard to move your facial features. Or they feel really wrinkly.

Then it was time to peel off the mask. Wow! If its stuck well in places then it will pull a little more but its worth it. I just simply found a corner that was easily accessible and off I went peeling away. It’s so cool to see as you pull away the whole mask peeling off.

With the little parts that wouldn’t budge I just wet a flannel and wiped them off. They came off easier with the flannel than me trying to pick them off. By little parts I mean the line round my jaw line and a little that’s missed from the edge of the mask.


I would 100% recommend this mask to you. 1 for the fact you get 3 for just under £5. 2 because even now day 3 after using it my skin feels really hydrated and in such good health and 3 because its suitable for any skin type and condition.

For £5 give it a go or 3 goes! Can’t complain the results are amazing and I can’t wait to use the other 2 packages.

For a mask you apply this would have to be one of the best I have tried so far. I love how easy it was to apply, didn’t really create a mess and it is the best so far in results.

What mask have you been loving? What one would you recommend to me?

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