autumn fashion

It is so weird that it is Autumn and I am just staying home still. Fashion is my thing and always will be, but I honestly feel that I am literally in leggings and a sweatshirt 5 days the week. Maybe I should start getting properly dressed for working from home. Or not we will see. As Autumn is unfolding I am looking forward to long sleeves and layers. The colder weather and them gorgeous earthy tones. Tonight I am sharing a small lookbook for Autumn. I want to share a mixture, but more than the joggers and sweatshirts. 

Autumn Fashion

Autumn is all about warmth and fashionable. Remember comfort is key and today I went shopping for this outfit and actually it makes me happy and excited for dressing up, or nicely and good about life. I am wearing a rusty orange knitted jumper, with pearls and diamonds on, that look like pockets. Though I could wear with black jeans, I am wearing black leggings, turned up with my dms. Of course its Dr Marten weather, which excites me. 

autumn fashion

Like I mentioned earlier, I am 80% in athleisure wear. Probably because 4 of 7 days a week, I genuinely don’t leave the house. As long as I am comfortable, warm and ok to sit at the computer for 8 hours, life is good. So I am wearing my khaki leggings, with a black tee and black Levis hoodie. For this I am wearing my hi top converse, but I am mainly just in socks, or socks and slippers. Shoes are for outside, not inside. Though I wear this at home or to go clean my Grandma’s house, this is totally ok to wear out as a casual outfit. 

autumn fashion

I am all for oversized knitted cardigans especially in Autumn. Even it’s just chucking one on and wrapping it round to snuggle on the sofa. They make a basic outfit stand out. Jeans and a white tee, chuck on that knitted cardigan, boots or trainers, you are good to go. Casual is my thing and always will be. We can’t go many places so dress up, isn’t a must. 

autumn fashion

My teddy jacket is really handy and worth a purchase. I mostly wear as a jacket but you can wear as cardigan or an even a top if you want to. Honestly get a teddy jacket, they are soft, so handy to have and I wear it all weekend, pretty much every weekend. The only time I don’t is if it’s raining. This doesn’t scream autumn to me based on the raspberry pink colour but honestly its the layer you need in the cool breeze. Again this is a jean and jumper outfit because I live in the in autumn. Easy to dress up or down but a teddy jacket like mine is definitely a casual one. 

autumn fashion

These are only some of my outfit choices and others are like my lived in striped navy tee. With 2020 being weird and wonderful, I am really casual and boring when it comes to fashion. There a few more purchases I want to make, which I am sure I will share with you in the upcoming weeks and over winter. But for now I hardly have much of an autumn/winter wardrobe. Need more long sleeves, jumpers and I am feeling some dresses as well. 

What is your must wear for Autumn 2020? 

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