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Well we are in to September now. Isn’t that crazy? We have been home since the middle of March and now we are about to welcome Autumn. August for me has been pretty much the same as any other the past 5 months, staying home, food shopping and being safe. Even though its a big struggle to come up with 12 things I have loved this month, I have got a good variety to share with you. From this I hope you find something new or fall back in love with something old. 

corn on the cob

Food is something that will always be a favourite of mine. I mean we all eat at least 3 times a day, everyday. So why wouldn’t it be one of your favourites? Don’t get me wrong there are foods that are nasty and foods that made me ill, so I dare not eat them again. But food is good. Even the healthy stuff! This is a revisit actually, something I love for a while, then forget about. Corn on the cobs are just easy to cook, filling as a side and actually really good. Maybe its more of a summer food, that is why I don’t eat all the time. As I am eating dinner at lunch time still, these are really easy to have with a burger or chicken, spread a little diary free spread over them. They just taste so good. Need to floss after though, that’s the only problem! 


With working from home and hardly going out out, I rarely get fully dressed. Or dressed to the casual smart standards anyway. My stomach hasn’t let me wear normal jeans or trousers for years. Even for pilates I ended up in maternity ones. So I just tried to wear my gym leggings to work from home. I was sceptical because I don’t want my pain to come back, so handy to be able to change if needed. But I was pleasantly surprised and they don’t hurt at all and are very comfortable. Money for me is better spent on lots of things than gym clothes, so mine are from Matalan. They work and do the job though and that is all I need. 

Navy velvet chair

My dining chairs are comfortable for dinner only. But sit on them for more than a meal and they become very uncomfortable. To the point that maybe my shoulder blade is hurting because of sitting in them 7 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Purely because I didn’t have a chair for my desk. I invested in this blue velvet chair, that I built myself, because it will go with my new living room theme and is comfortable. Having used it for a good few weeks now, my bum doesn’t go numb and I am less uncomfortable. So this is a definite favourite for me. 

Was it last month I was loving Mr Whippy ice creams, or was that the month before? We had a huge heat wave at the beginning of August and it was too hot and unbearable. Every weekend we take a trip to the local ice cream van. Except we never got one this weekend. It was too hot for a mr whippy, I wanted something refreshing and light. So I went for a lemon ice. Now honestly its lemon sorbet but it was so good. A little sour but so refreshing and helped to cool me down. These two are now head to head in the competition of which is best. 


Books and me are like marmite at the minute. I ever love them and want to read or just can’t get into it and leave them. This week I have told myself I have to read every night for an hour again though, because it really helps me and I enjoy it. August’s favourite book for me must be The Switch by Beth O’Leary. Now this is Beth’s second novel but it’s equally as good as her first, The Flat Share. In this the grandmother and granddaughter switch lives for a couple of months. With the grandmother taking on London and the granddaughter taking on all her grandmothers responsibilities in a village up north. Honestly it was an easy read, I was hooked straight away and loved the story. 

pretty sky

As well as the heat wave we have had a change in the weather and its way cooler than it should be in August. Around 13c and that is cold after weeks of 35c. Heat and warmth is good for me, but I am loving the colder days when I can put a hoodie on or a long sleeve tee. Sad as it is, I am ready for my winter onesies and excited to wear them again. Obviously the change in weather makes it more bearable for work and that but sometimes doesn’t help the mood when you stare out the window for a while. But I am loving the chiller days and the long sleeves. 

I hardly watch tv. Actually now that Casualty is on a break, I don’t watch tv at all. Some may think that is weird and I don’t even watch Netflix. But I love vlogs and I have recently been loving The Youngs. They are a Scottish young family living in Aberdeen and it’s their lives basically. Mum, Dad, little girl River and little boy Cove. Honestly their style and content is just pure and real and I just really enjoy their content. 


Bullet journalling is a daily thing for me and something I find really helpful in doing. I am always on the hunt for new supplies even if I don’t need them. When I was in Sainsbury’s the other week, I found these pastel Stabilo highlighters and they are so good. The colours are beautiful, I love pastel colours. It was £5 for 5 as well which I think is fairly good, I have always thought highlighters were expensive. So these were my bargain find and I use them to divide the pages up on my weekly spreads. 


My skin seems to have changed recently and I have started to get little breakouts. Yes I am 30 and this is the first time I have experienced them. So its a little errr really?! I treated myself to The Ordinary Starter Kit and have been using all 3 products daily. Out of the 3, I am finding the moisturiser and the hydraulic acids the best. Purely because I don’t wear much makeup at all. A little mascara and eyeliner and I am ready to go. After using them a month, these products are really good and worth a try. They have helped me and my little blemish to my cheek, leaving my skin in really good condition. So soft and smooth. 

Diet Coke

And finally another revisited product being Diet Coke. As random as that is, when I started the process of being diagnosed with endometriosis, I tried the endo diet. Google it, basically it’s eat dust and that’s it. Which left me caffeine free. Being caffeine free, the taste of coke became weird for me and really was still, until a month ago. I get heartburn a lot, though I am ok at the minute, a can of coke really helps me to release the gas. Somehow I am now on a can a day and I crack it open just after lunch as a refreshing start to the afternoon. The taste is no longer weird and I am loving it, even when I am on medication for heartburn as well. 

So these are my favourites for August. What is one of your favourites for this month?

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