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It’s that time of the month, to welcome the next, review the last and everything that happened along the way. How crazy is it that there are only 4 months left of 2019! Wow, even last weekend which was a long 4-day weekend for me went with a blink of my eyes. As always, I like to bring a variety of my favourites every month because I believe that a favourite shouldn’t be based on a certain subject or area. Favourites can be made each and every day, whether that’s food, people, places or just something random. They all work the same as your favourite make up or clothes. Sharing a variety also allows all you to hopefully try something new or revisit another.

As many of you may know I have been reading a lot this year. I am not a good or fast reader I just have tried to add it into my self-care me time daily. This book ‘The Perfect Child’ had me wanting to read more and more. It kept jumping out to me on the table and making me want to read even if I didn’t have time. The storyline isn’t one I would usually pick as my genre, but I haven’t been able to get into a book since reading this.

the perfect child

The story is based on a couple, nurse and consultant, failing to conceive and thinking of adopting. A young girl is found on the streets a little disturbed and is taken to their hospital to be treated. It ends up that the husband falls in love with the little girl and they adopt her. There is more to the child that meets the eye and it’s all about their life and how the girl tries to destroy everything. It’s definitely worth a read.

zen garden

Next which I guess goes well with me time, are my crystals. Again, those who know me or have followed for a while will know that I really believe in them. I wear my 2 crystal healing bracelets daily and have several in my zen meditation garden. There is a lot going on in my life at the minute, I am actually in a really good place right now and I do believe that my crystals have and are helping to put me in that good place. As silly as it sounds wearing a bracelet for happiness or whatever you need to work on, those small crystals can do so much to help you. It’s amazing really. Only get healing crystals though if you are going to believe in them.

crystal bracelet

Healthy eating in general has been something I am loving. I just simply feel better in myself for healthy eating and following a diet. Not that I need to lose weight or that I just want to look good for my upcoming holiday. However, I have just felt that I am feeling good in myself for healthy eating. Even just half a stone loss has made me feel better in myself.

Food wise I have made this a few times and this is something I have revisited in August. That is stir fries. I used to make stir fries all the time. It’s something that I can just chuck together on the spot and it tastes good. Even friends and family that have had my stir fry compliment it. Whether its steak or chicken I always go for mixed vegetables, noodles, a spoonful of peanut butter, honey and soy sauce. Amazing. To be fair it is making me feel hungry now!


Another food I am loving for times I am peckish is Jelly. I haven’t had jelly since I was younger but because the 0% sugar ones are zero points on WW I can eat as many as I want, fill a little gap and not use points I don’t have. Also, can be a pudding or treat that isn’t going to take me massively over my daily point allowance.

 August has been busy with socialising and events. Lifestyle things that I opt to go to and have fun at. Self-care type events or plans that don’t just entertain me, but I benefit from them. Even cheaper events or time spent with love ones, just things that make me happy and smile.

Happy Place Festival

First event I have loved in August was Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival. Everything about this festival was my cup of tea. Massively into self-care, positivity and happiness. It was just a fun, good, interesting day of learning about others happiness and ways they control things to remembering things that you need to do and do daily. Sharing your happiness, ideas and pledges to the festival crowd. Meeting Fearne Cotton was amazing too and I am really grateful for the chance to meet her. I loved listening to the talks, the berry smoothie and the atmosphere there. Nothing was pressured and you could do as you pleased and enjoy anything and everything you wanted to.


Two weekends ago, Bex and I took a lovely little road trip for a weekend getaway. I don’t overly do England holidays and haven’t ever in my life really. It was just nice to go away, chill out, catch up and do something fun! That something fun was Goga. Goat yoga for all that don’t know Goga. This all took place in Woodbridge Suffolk and it was just lovely to go sit on the beach eating fish and chips on the Saturday night. Rock and roll 10pm bed time for the 29 and 28-year-old and the relaxing. Facing my fears by doing yoga in the fields with a bunch of baby goats. Again, everything about this weekend makes me happy and smile and that is all I want in life. Down fall on this was goats don’t like rain and it rained so the yoga got cut in half.  Just when the fun was about to begin too!

hydro bottle

It seems to be I am always in need of a drink this month and by drink, I mean water and squash, none of the alcohol kind. My Grandma brought me hydro bottle and I love how a simple bottle can keep your drink chilled for ages. I took it on our road trip to Suffolk, drunk half, left the bottle in the car overnight and it was still chilled in the morning. That’s amazing really. My bottle is a glittery rose gold colour and it’s such a pretty colour. Even with it just being that colour and no other print.


I can’t remember if it was late July or early August that I went to the lavender fields, but I have had lavender around for weeks. The scent of it is just so calming and relaxing that I walk into my flat and it’s just inviting and homely. There is so much I want to try make or do with lavender and I can’t wait to try out some more other than the candle and flower arrangements I have already made.

My last favourite is something really random, every time I am waiting for my dinner to be cooked at my parents, I am always trying to win a round of cards on my mums iPad. Somehow, I now have the game on my iPad and play it daily. Roughly at good 15 rounds I would say. Its addicting so be careful, and I think my mum made her game harder, so I stop playing it on hers.

This month I found it really hard to find fashion favourites and fashion is my thing. I am always wearing jeans, t-shirt and trainers and have been for a few months that I really couldn’t share t-shirts again. That is ok though because I love to share the variety and it goes to show that your favourites just can’t be one thing. Ok these today may all be lifestyle, but I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Its ok to have random favourites and even if its random things that made you smile, I believe make your favourites more interesting.

What were your favourites for August? Is there one you would recommend for me to try?

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