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It is that time of the month to share my favourites for the previous month. So today I am sharing my April favourites with you. How was your April? A little strange and abnormal right?! Though it was a really hard month for all of us I am sure, I am here today to share my favourites for April. I love to share a variety because a favourite can be anything. Something completely new, revisited and/or random! By sharing my favourites, I also hope I give you something new to try or fall back in love with something old. 


As you may know, I love a hot bubble bath. My skin is sensitive though so I have to stick with bubble baths I know will work ok with my skin. Meaning most of my bubble baths are for children. Anyway this is a new brand for me to try. One that a lot rave about and I can tell you know this bubble bath is amazing. It smells of raspberries and that is a really good scent for bubble baths. The bubbles actually produce a lot of bubbles which is good because some just don’t give any. 

I hardly watch tv actually so when it comes to tv favourites, its always hard for me to find one. Unless I picked Casualty month in, month out. But this month I have a few tv programmes I’ve been loving. First being Our Girl. BBC1 drama with Michelle Keegan playing the main role as Lance Corporal Georgie Lane. All about her life as a medic in the army. Based in Afghanistan and the army trying to help keep the Doctor safe. The series is over now but you can catch it on iplayer. This was the most recent series but there are several. 

banana bread

Next up is baking. I love to bake, but I never bake. If I bake, I then eat it all. Hence why I don’t bake. So it’s sort of bake and get fat. Or don’t bake and stay on track. Also half the time I am too lazy to bake. With living in quarantine we have all the time in the world to bake. Eating all the treats as well but never mind. We will get back on track when it is over. 


The true bookworm that I am, I have to include my favourite book. This months favourite book is One Minute Later by Susan Lewis. I tend to read most genres really, if it takes my fancy. One Minute Later is about a 26 year old girl living her best life in London. On her 27th birthday things change as she has a heart attack. Life changes and she has to move back home to her Mums as she waits out for a heart transplant. Without giving much away its a really good book, must read! 

Stacey Solomon as a person is hilarious. Everyday Stacey posts instagram stories of family life and lifestyle sort of posts. Tap to tidy stories and food ones. She is just so funny and inspirational really. Life as a mum, being a celebrity and now its homeschool and baby Rex stories as well. 


Due to quarantine and the weather being warmer. But mostly because of quarantine life, I am doing my own washing. Basically I live in a converted office block and the costs to heat etc are really expensive. Anyway waking up or walking into the smell of clean washing is amazing. I love the smell, its beautiful, clean and fresh. 


Again this favourite is purely because of lockdown as well. Because I am staying home 24/7, I barely get fully dressed. If I take a walk or pop to collect my shop. I just put my joggers on. They are comfortable, don’t annoy my tummy and look ok. The only time I wear joggers normally is to the hospital the day of an operation and maybe the appointment 2 weeks after the operation. So it’s a rare occasion to wear them. But I am definitely getting the most out of them nowadays. 

basic tee

To go with the comfort of home life, I am all for a basic tee. Mostly oversized if I am honest but will go with any tee. As long as its comfortable and looks decent enough to be presentable. Then all is good to go. Basically I am all for the chilled out, rolling this out cool. Chuck on and go sort of vibe. 


Somedays there is nothing in me to get me going. The thing is I live alone so it can be lonely, effort and deflating. So simple things as doing my hair, makes so much of a difference. Also my curls are a little out of control and I have a lot of baby wisps growing in, to make my curls crazier and frizzier. All I need to do is run the straighteners through my hair and I can feel a good 8/10. Honestly do it, if you haven’t already. Do your hair, honestly it makes you feel so much better in yourself. 


With the shops being a little unusual and unsafe, life has been a little different. I haven’t been food shopping to Sainsbury’s in weeks. My sister is doing my fruit and vegetable shop and I got 2 months worth of meat from the butchers. Click and collects if they are available or someone in the family can get a delivery. Hard as that all is, I am and always have been a huge lover of cheese and onion crisps. The elderly neighbours of my mum and dad have needed help with their shopping. So my mum is doing it for them. They like McCoys cheese and onion crisps, so I tried some. Tastier and delicious. Crinkled and the taste is so much more powerful than my usual Walkers pack. You need to try these as they are so much better in taste. 


Another random and that is because the fridge has become my best friend. Not good when you don’t want to pile the weight on. So I have been grazing on fruit. I would say I haven’t had a pear for a good year if not more. These are from my sisters farm. They taste better and are so good, Not a lot I can tell you more about a pear. Just try one they are so good, especially when at the perfect ripeness. 

Last for April Favourites is Loose Women. Again another tv show. But its on around when I stop work for lunch. I can eat my dinner whilst its on. Basically it’s an itv women’s chat show. So they have a topic to talk on and debate about. It is interesting to watch, laugh and think about the topic they are talking about and my own views on that topic. 

These are all my favourites for April. I hope you are all well and safe. What was one favourite you had for April? Please do share because I love to try out new things. 

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