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How is April over? Did you have many April showers? To be fair, the UK had a lovely spell of good weather. Especially over Easter. Now I am back to my spring coat and winter pyjamas. How did your April go? Today I am going to share the things I have loved in April. To me a favourite can be anything and so I share a variety because it means each and everyone of you can hopefully find something new to try. How can a favourite be purely beauty or fashion items?

Let’s start with fashion. Fashion is my thing, though I am learning that I am self-indulging a little too much in fashion, so this has changed for May. I love being stylish and on trend with the fashion trends. I am really loving mom jeans. I really struggle with jeans because of my tummy. But I can wear these, with a tucked in oversized tee. I love these ones because of the stripes. They aren’t too overpowering, yet they add something to the outfit.

mom jeans

To go with my mom jeans, as I just mentioned. I am loving oversized tees. I just like the look of them tucked into jeans. Or to be honest not tucked in too. They are also really handy to have for statement trousers. I am loving this Tommy Hilfiger one, as well as my other Tommy Hilfiger one. They are really soft and comfy. A little thicker and better quality fabric which makes them more wearable throughout the year.


As the weather has been warmer, I have been wearing these less, but I am still loving trainers this month. Both high tops and normal trainers. To be fair I love the colourful ones like my vans. If you are wearing a basic outfit, I love how these just add a pop of colour and a little extra something to the outfit. Again, I wear these with anything.


Last item for fashion this month is bralets. I have a little chest now and I find some of, or most of my bras uncomfortable. By the end of the day I want to take it off. I went bra shopping this month and thought I would try some of these as well as bras. Because I wear naturally oversized clothes, I can get away with wearing bralets. If I was to wear something more fitted I would always pick a bra. I wouldn’t wear these if I was any bigger but because I am an A cup I find these really handy. I don’t even notice it’s on half the time and could live in these.


Continuing with trends I guess, the next thing I am loving and have recently changed to, is a middle parting. I don’t know why but they look better and if I am wearing half up or clips they naturally look better with a middle parting. I had my hair cut the other week and we moved my parting. I am loving this look.

Also, to go with trends. I have never been one for big hoops or dangly earrings. But I am loving my small hoops and small dangly earrings. I love to wear them with my hair down, but occasionally I can happily wear with my hair plaited or up. I just find that I like them more when my hair is down. I don’t actually own many pairs, I am looking to add to my collection though I tend to go between my Pandora hoops and my Oliva Burton dangly bows.

zen garden

Next again is something very trendy but more lifestyle, home décor. I am loving my *Himalayan Salt lamp. You are meant to have this plugged in all the time. It is meant to help with positive energy, help with allergies and work as a natural light. I turn this on just from 5pm-10pm every day and I can see the benefits already. All it is really is a block of salt and a bulb. The light causes heat to make the salt melt. I feel a natural improvement in myself and my home.

self care

I suppose to coincide with my lamp. I am loving my daily wind down, me time before bed. I shut off from the word an hour every night before bed to do 3 things. Well 4 I guess. I love this hour I switch off and allow myself to be ready for a better night’s sleep. First off, I fill in both of *my journals, how I was brave, what I have eaten, how I felt, and what I did self care wise for the day. Second up I *colour for 20 minutes. I am naturally very creative so colouring in, though sounds childish is so good to destress and chill out. I colour a page a week and really take my time over it. I love to use the natural colours of the image and tend to colour with only 1 colour a night. Finally, for the last 20 minutes I read. I am loving books that have a genre of romance and from past times. I am reading *The Choice at the minute which is to do with Auschwitz and her life after the war.

Last of all my favourite has to be series 6 of Line Of Duty. The last one is on tomorrow but it’s been so good. It’s based on a police detective squad AC12. They are out to find and stop the biggest drug drops. Within this they find undercover cops and let’s say some gruesome things happen along the way. Definitely one to watch and would recommend you watch from series 1.

These are all my favourites for April. What have you been loving? Also, which of mine would you like to try out yourself?

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