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Happy face mask Friday everyone! Who is ready for the weekend? Are you going out tonight or are you having a chilled pamper evening like me? Friday’s for me are where I try a different face mask and review them for you.


This week I am reviewing another Anatomicals one, from the 3 pack I got at Asos. You can buy individually though. I will happily try most face masks but if you have been following my face mask Friday series you will know I prefer masks you can apply over sheet masks. The reason behind this is purely because of the fit of the sheet masks. They are always too big and don’t fold correctly to let the sheet fit my face. But saying that I am open to any and if they sound good I am more than likely to pick one up to try.

I have used Anatomicals products before, but not their face masks. So, I was excited to see these and try them out. I love their little phrases that are completely random, they put on their products.

face mask friday


Honey is good for you, eating, healing and skincare. Anything really. I have used honey masks before and they have all been a transparent yellow liquid. Anatomicals though is more of thicker, still yellow but I would say clay like texture. It smelt of honey as soon as I opened the packet. I love how their packaging has the opening at the bottom of the pack. As much as I love this fact, I always go to open it at the top.

honey face mask

‘ Honey is naturally antibacterial, making this mask perfect for acne prone skin or for preventing pimples. Full of antioxidants, it will slow down ageing and boost the complexion. Your skin will feel nourished, replenished and restored. ‘

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I always read the instructions because though 90% are the same. You do get the random few that have different times and where and what to apply it too. This mask is to sit for 5-10 minutes.

When I was applying this. I did notice something and that was my finger stained yellow and lasted a good day or two, no matter how many times I washed my hands. That then made me worry my face would stain yellow. It gets a stronger yellow the longer its on for. I ended up looking like a Simpson or as yellow as an emoji. I actually had a little left over of this mask as well. So, you could probably get 2 out of this, if you used less on the first one.

honey beauty

I also felt like my skin was stinging as I applied, whether that was my mind reading the title of the mask or if it actually was meant to sting. Who knows. It calmed down when I had applied to my whole face and neck.

face mask review

To get this off you simply wash your face with warm water. It did take a while to wash off. It was dry in most places when I wash it off which I would say is good. When I had finished washing it off I noticed that some places had a slight tint of yellow to them. Both my nostrils had a yellow patch on the day after too.

honey face mask

My skin feels good, even the day after and it every so slightly sticky to touch in places. Though where I am naturally have dryer skin, this doesn’t seem to have changed. In fact, my nose for example seems dryer and rougher. I do have hay fever badly at the minute so that may not help the fact.

honey face mask

Today as I type this, I filmed a little earlier and my skin looked really good and I had a natural glow to my face. So I would say I see more results today over just using it or the day after.

face mask friday

I would definitely recommend this mask. I wouldn’t say this is the best I have tried, especially out of the honey ones, but it has still worked, it’s helped with potential blemishes I had. For the money it costs I would say I would buy a different honey based one over this. Because I know that works better for my skin type. But if you want a mask for different purposes then this would work for you.

Do you have a favourite go to mask at the minute? Would you recommend any for me to try?

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