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Hello it is face mask Friday! It’s the weekend people, believe it or not and another spent in lockdown. Don’t worry its the perfect time to treat yourself to a pamper spa session. Make yourself look and feel good, even if its only for you. Really helps mentally to keep sane but also helps your skin too! Anyway I am back this Friday evening to share another face mask review with you all. Most I try are for me, my skin type normal to dry and my needs. But some just take my fancy and end up in my basket as well!


This week’s mask is a little different to normal actually. Though still a face mask, it is focusing on the eyes and around the eyes. From time to time we all get puffy eyes and dark circles. It is allergy season after all! You can use this mask many a time and either hot or cold. Ideally for puffy tired eyes, to cool and reduce puffiness and make your eyes feel refreshed. Or can be used as a soothing relaxing warm eye mask. The gel like form in the mask can be chilled in the fridge for 30 minutes or for 10 minutes in hot water before use. Then lay back and rest for about 10 minutes for the mask to work its magic. 


Personally I whacked this in the fridge when I woke up one morning this week. Purely because my hay fever is really bad. My eyes are super puffy and itchy. If it wasn’t for trying to calm them, I think I might have scratched my eyeballs out by now. For me hay fever and allergies hit me full whack in March and don’t leave until end of October. Spring/summer is rough for me. So I can only review this based on the time of year, my irritated eyes and the using it with a colder temperature. 

face mask friday

Let’s talk packaging. The box it comes in is small, bright and straight to the point. I personally love the way Anatomicals package their products. Bright and bold background colours with the writing, brand and name of the product bold enough to still be seen as important on top of the colour. 

face mask friday

With writing on all sides of the box, from instructions for both hot and cold ways to use. Warnings, brand and barcode. The mask has an expiry of 36 months from first use. Anatomical’s always seem to add a little something to their packaging, which always makes me laugh. Sort of to the point but in a comical weird way. The whole entire back is talking about blood of a vampire, linking it to the name of the product, but also dates in time and how it brings them all down to you and this mask. 

face mask

The actual mask its self says “ puffy the eye bag slayer”. Bright red gel inside the plastic coating and on red string. It smells a little strong like a brand new pool float. But the gel inside, even now that its room temperature is so satisfying. Just being able to move it around and the bubbles in the mixture. It sort of looks fizzy inside. Obviously the colder it gets the firmer the gel becomes. 

eye mask

It is so weird to shut your eyes with a mask on. Unless it’s a sleep mask of course. I simply just chucked it in the fridge as I got my breakfast. Ate and put it on. With the weather getting warmer, my eyes are so itchy. So I needed something to help sooth the itch. As well as itchy they become darker and tired eyes. 

I thought it would feel strange putting this mask on being cold but actually it was really nice. Maybe because the weather was warmer that it didn’t even feel overly cold to me. You know when a doctors hand touch you and they are cold? That is what I expected the mask to be like. Luckily for me I had just slept for 12 hours straight so I didn’t need a nap because if I was tired then this mask would of made me fall asleep. 


Masks give you a guided wear time, this being 10 minutes which is totally normal. Though I have to say this was my first mask I have tried of this sort. The thing is when you can’t open your eyes how do you know the time without guessing? Maybe if you are in a rush set a timer. But I really wasn’t and let’s face it, who is right now? Being its Covid19 lockdown. 

Time to relax, unwind, or meditate and work on letting your eyes sooth and relax. Benefiting from the chilled layer of gel. I normally would now mention that whilst in a face mask, its a good time to multi-task. If you think skincare takes too long that is. But this mask you can’t really unless it’s purely to listen to something. Just take the t10 minutes and have the time to think about the day and your plans. 


After estimating 10 minutes was up, I took this off. Instantly my eyes felt so much better. You can see from the photos that the mask has left a slight red mark on my nose. But this went within an hour if not less. It is just where it laid across my nose. 

The puffiness and the darker circles were pretty much gone after using this mask. Which is amazing really. How you can put something on for 10 minutes and its cools your face enough to help massively. Such a simple mask yet does as it says and much more helping allergy symptoms. 


Anatomicals as a brand is one I love. Bet they didn’t even know this mask would work wonders, not only to people with tired eyes. But to those with hay fever, allergy irritated eyes. Everything about their brand is amazing. Really it is. Nothing beats something simple, with a little humour and a touch of intelligence.  

For affordability hands down, cheap, affordable and a multiple use mask. £4 that really is nothing. Everyone has somewhere to cool this right? Or warm it up? Wear it, use it, make your eyes look amazing. Worth every penny. 


Seriously if it wasn’t for this mask helping me out, when my hay fever hit the roof the other day. I don’t think I would have eyelashes left from how itchy they were. Within in 10 minutes of use they had calmed and cooled which is so good when sometimes you are out all day and in the pollenated air. 

I can’t say my eyes were overly tired but definitely puffy and dark. So I can definitely see this working on eyes that are tired and need a boost. £4 seriously. 


For a mask that is like a heat pad essentially, this is amazing. I can’t wait to try It hot now as well. To see it relax my eyes. Cold really soothed them so I wonder the reaction to the hot relaxing mask. That or I will be sitting here still in a week playing with the gel in the mask.

Have you ever tried a mask like this? Do you suffer with hay fever even? 

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