Fall Fashion Ready

Well fashion ready I sure am. I recently went shopping to find some new clothes especially for work. As the weather is getting colder I am moving into shirts and soon to be tights and boots. I love the colours of fall with the burgundy’s, aubergines and rusty colours. I have loved the long hot summer we have had, but I am so ready for the cosy nights in in front of the fire, snuggling on the sofa with friends watching films and wrapping up warm. I have to say at the minute my favourite shop is actually Warehouse. Though somethings are really expensive in there, you can also find a good bargain, or statement piece. Their clothes are also good quality so can last a good while. I did find some lovely finds in shops I wouldn’t usually shop in too which I will explain as I go along.

Basic Tee and Dungarees

Weekend Casual Look

So we will start with Warehouse and I did get a few bits in here. I can wear fairly casual clothes to work so jeans are something I tend to wear most days. I am liking t-shirts right now and I will add a cardigan. When I found this t-shirt I am wearing I thought that it would be good for weekends or work, but also with the gem neckline you could also dress this up with high waist trousers and heels. Super cute. I love this top, I love the grey/blue colour of it and the detailing of the gems around the neckline add that little extra to t-shirt.

Casual Smart Fall Fashion

Warehouse had a lot of rusty colouring and I really wish I could have been confident in the rusty orange colour skirt I tried on but for me I didn’t think it was very fluttering . (Sad Face) So instead I went for this really smart aubergine shirt. It’s mainly for work as I can dress this up or down, but I also think this would be nice to go out for dinner or drinks with friends. I love that it doesn’t have a collar and the piping is in aubergine faux leather. I can easily wear this with black or blue jeans, heels, pumps or boots.

Fall Fashion Jumper

I love this jumper, I found it last minute just as I was going to pay. It really caught my eye. I love stripes and polka dots. This jumper I have brought is for work, I love the main colour navy blue then the ribbing is in pastel pink. I love how the colours of the spots stand out and add a little fun to the plain jumper. Again I could also wear this for a meal out with friends.

Fall Ankle Boots

Moving on to Wallis, a shop I never shop in I found these cute high heeled ankle boots. The bows on the sides were the thing that caught my eye. I love bows. I think bows are such a girly girl thing but I love that they make these boots pretty and not your everyday boring boot. They are black suede with brown wooden heels. They are adorable on. I can’t wait to wear these to work when the weather is a little colder or for fall evening outs with friends.

Cosy Knitwear

I then went to Next, a shop that is really hit or miss for me. I had brought a denim dress back in summer if you remember but again this will be cute with thick tights and ankle boots or shoes. I call this my Liberian look, this thick wooly cardigan is so warm and looks lovely on. It will also keep me warm when its freezing cold. I could also wear this with jeans and a plain long sleeve t-shirt. Imagine laying on the sofa snuggling with this cosy warm snuggly cardigan on. I would say this isn’t really a fall colour but I have seen a lot of the raspberry pink about actually. I think it’s fun for the fall as well as summer why not add some brightness to your life all year round.

Workwear Dress

This dress is one for work too, it’s pretty much the same as the denim dress but smarter in the black and white colouring. I have paired this with thick patterned tights and loafers but this could be worn with boots too. It’s nice to have pieces in your collection that can be worn for any season by just adding or decreasing layers. This is quite smart for me so I would only wear it to work, but if I had a trip to the theatre or afternoon tea I could see myself wearing it there too.

Lightweight Knitted Jumper

Then finally from next I got this cotton knitted jumper in this lovely purple. I love that I can just chuck it on with jeans and boots and off I go. The rib is in sparkly purple too to add that extra something to a plain boring jumper. I think this will be a go to, when it comes to wearing it to work. I can also wear this at weekends instead of sweatshirts if I am doing something nicer than my everyday things.

What’s your go to, to wear in fall? What is your favourite colour to wear in fall as well?

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