Melanie Kate

Hello, I am Melanie Kate but most people call me Mel. I am 28 years old, living just outside London.

I have been creative from a young age. I love fashion, beauty, lifestyle and to travel. I took Textiles for GCSE and then went on to do Fashion and Clothing at College. I love to share my experiences in life along with sharing the latest trends and reviewing products.

I didn’t really discover make up until I was 20 really, it wasn’t something I was into or cared about. But now I have found it I am in love. I love trying new products and brands. I also like to keep up on the latest beauty trend, share and review the products.

My lifestyle has changed quick a lot over the last few years, from buying my own home, to health issues. I like to share my experiences with others to potentially help them too. Lifestyle is something I cover because I have to and like to share my own story.

Then travel, who doesn’t love to travel. I am hoping to travel more. I have already shared some travel vlogs over on my youtube channel but hope to review and tie in the travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle together. To share the experiences I have in different cultures.

If you’d like to check out my youtube channel please do.

For any enquiries please contact madebymelaniexx (at)

Melanie Kate