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So because it is the beginning of 2020, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share a few fun facts about me in the form of A-Z. Here goes. Come learn some more about me.

A Age – 29 years old.

Book I am currently reading – another Jojo Moyes book called The Peacock Emporium.

Chores I hate – Erm I can’t really say all but I am getting over the fear of doing the food shop alone. Supermarkets give me panic attacks.

Desert I love – love a good pudding. Cookie dough and ice cream or crumble and custard. Once my best friend and I ate a cookie dough desert for 4 between the 2 of us.

Essential start to my day item – well to be honest if I have had a good 9 hours solid sleep, when endometriosis isn’t playing up. Then I am ok. If not a cereal bar does me good at the minute.

Favourite animal – Horses.

Gold or silver – for me that has to be silver. Though I would possibly go for rose gold.

Height – 5 foot 4.

Instruments I play – well I don’t anymore but I use to play the clarinet when I was in primary school.

Job title – technically I don’t do the job of what my title is, so we will go with what it should be. Project executive.

kids – one day.

live – Hertfordshire, UK. Just outside London.

most overused word/phrase in my vocabulary – so, like or yes.

Nicknames – I go by Mel, but my niece and nephew call me Bruce and my Grandma calls me Melbabe. So any of them.

Overnight stay in hospital – nearly, but I decided to leave. I was given the choice. Worst decision ever, due to the fact my opening was still bleeding out, went back in the next morning to be checked over and the nurses left me and my mum standing in the corridor waiting for a bed. Bare in mind I wasn’t even 12 hours home.

pet peeve – being late, or people continuously being late. That or people having conversations over me.

quotes I like – The noblest art is that of making others happy – Greatest Showman.

Right or left hand – I am a righty.

Siblings – 2 older sisters.

Time I woke up this morning – 5:25am in pain and needing a wee. Sleep is my everything and I hate to be awaken by sharp pain.

unique thing about me – you can give me anything creative and I would be able to excel in it, even if it was new to me. That or I am slightly double jointed.

vegetables I love – Parsnips or asparagus. I told my nephew to try asparagus because its magic. He took one mouthful and spat it out. All to make his wee smell.

x-rays I’ve had – once I think on my neck and shoulder when I had a trapped nerve and couldn’t move my arm.

Yummy food you make – stir fry or one pot roasts. Easy but when made well, are delicious.

zodiac sign – Aries. April baby.

There is A-Z facts about me. I hope you have learnt something today reading this.

Melanie Kate

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