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As most of us are now working from home, our routines have changed and we are now in our new routine schedules. Mine for sure has got shorter. I thought I would take the opportunity today to share my updated “new normal” morning routine with you all. Somehow this is what works for me. 

All that know me, know sleep is amazing for me and something I need a lot of. So my new wake up time on weekdays is 8am. Half hour before work starts. Is that too short for you? 


Alexa wakes me up every morning at 8am. I am normally in a deep sleep still or gradually starting to wake. Once in a blue moon I am awake before the alarm but that really is rare. Though this time is messing with my sleep I wake around 5am which I think is sunrise then roll over and go back to sleep until my alarm. 

Morning Routine


If I don’t instantly get up when my alarm goes off, I would just go back off to sleep for half the morning. So by 8:02am I am off to the kitchen for a banana. Whilst I am in the kitchen I take the time to turn the computer on. Just so it is ready for me to log on and start on time. Sometimes the PC takes forever to load. 



By 8:05 I am back in bed. Awake though and scrolling through my phone, taking iPad off charge and finishing my banana. I go through my emails and delete most of them, a little flick through my personal instagram and turn the iPad on. 



Now it’s time for a quick round of solitaire or a quick YouTube video. Though by a round of cards I mean at least 5. This is the time I take to take my morning medication. Sometimes my mouth plays games with me and it takes a long time to take them. Even if I take them everyday and they are the same size. Somedays they just don’t want to be swallowed. 


The time I look at the clock and panic! Yes that is right I am still in bed playing cards. A quick swish through the phone, round up the card game if I am in the middle of one and get up. Time to get dressed and ready. Starting with getting out a bra and picking a t-shirt to go with this week’s pyjama bottoms. 



With my bra and pyjama bottoms on, I add my deodorant and go brush my teeth, go wee and wash face. If I am tanning, I then apply some self tanning moisturiser to my face and neck. I then go into the living room and log on to my computer, clicking on the emails to load ready for half 8. 



Time to put the chosen top on. Sort hair out and do my makeup. Hair this week is just a messy bun and makeup for work is literally eyeliner and mascara. As long as the top half of my body looks decent it doesn’t overly matter. No body is going to see below my top. 


hay fever

Walk back to the sitting room ready to start work. I have my pint of blackcurrant and my phone with me because of course I need a drink and my phone is really important for customers to call and for teams meetings. 8:29am is a quick spoon of local honey. It is rank, I am not going to lie but its meant to help my hay fever and I am all for trying anything to help it. 


This is when my morning routine wraps up, when I open the fridge to get some fruit out and take to my desk to eat whilst I start to work. 


As much as I love to look great right now I am trying my best and that is all I can do. We don’t see anyone except who is calling you over teams and like I said its the top half of yourself on view. So if you want to wear nothing or pyjamas or even get dressed you can. That hours extra sleep for me is something I am really benefitting from and that is the main thing. 

What is your morning routine look like now we are working from home?

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