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Gratitude is something that you should be born with. There is always something to be grateful and thankful for. No matter what it is, good or bad. You should always appreciate the good and learn from the bad. I normally go about these with trying to name 50 things I am grateful for. But today I want to do things a little different. One because I am just not in the mood to write and two because its Wednesday night and I have a lot on other than blogging etc. 

Anyway I am grateful for the fact that my spirit isn’t the best and I just can’t shift the can’t be bothered laziness from myself. During the day I am flat out working at my desk. But evenings and weekends just nothing. It is just making me feel like I need to give myself time and a break. There is a lot going on in my life at the minute and the struggle is ok. I’d rather be flat out in the day and unable to create at the minute. With the world as it is, we have to be thankful for a lot of things and I am really grateful for my job and being able to work from home. 

This time! Without Covid19, I really wouldn’t be where I am today. It honestly has taught me a lot about the world, my life and what and where I need to go and be in life. A lot of people are hating today but I am loving today. Taking something that has effected the whole world and making a lot of people appreciate me. For me Covid19 has taught me so much, I am so much happier and healthier than I have been for many years. I’m thankful for what its shown and teaching me daily. 


Actually being in the healthiest, I have been in a long long time. Years even! You never appreciate good health until it goes. I had a good 4 years of being poorly, in and out of hospitals, tests, operations, injections the lot. Now I am on the other side I am so grateful for my body showing healthy signs and making me feel good again. Honestly feel as if I have to cherish this time and whilst I am here healthy, I need to do everything to stay this way. Even if the chocolate is shouting for me to eat it. 

It is honestly the hardest thing, to sit here in my soft office and think of what I am grateful for. You’d think it was easy because really I am grateful for everything and one. But off the top of my head, the process is so long to come up with one other than food. Food is one I will always be grateful for, because food is the one thing I always look forward to, even if it tries to cause pain. From the healthy food that makes me feel amazing, to the junk food I so desperately crave and eat sometimes. The healthy food that just makes me amazing from head to toe, feelings and energy. To the junk that my mind needs more than everything. Makes me feel as I am today, then my body takes over because its better healthy. 

I am actually really grateful that tonight I have decided to write this. But keep it short and sweet. There is so much going on in my life alone, let alone the world. Me time is lessening because I am ready for bed by 9pm. This is just making me realise that I need to start thinking of myself a little more and not let myself let me down. Really you are still getting content and that is what I want to give you all! 

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If I write something that is 600 words, it still shows that at I am grateful for things. It is still, I hope inspiring and showing you that even bad things like me lacking motivation, is something to be grateful for. Everybody has good days and bad days, weeks even. This is my week to just have no motivation to write a lot. 

From the little things, to the big things. The bad things to the best things. I am grateful for everything. Leaving this with I am really grateful for the long weekend ahead and a chilled one with 2 lay ins and relaxing, doing things I want to do. 

What is one thing you are grateful for, for August?

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