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Happy face mask Friday everyone! Who’s going out, or who is like me, ready for a chilled pamper evening? Don’t you just love a face mask? As you all may know, I am all for masks you can able yourself over the sheets. Though both do the same thing really. I have naturally normal to dry skin and always look for face masks that help with that criteria. Somehow I really find peel off masks fascinating. I just love to peel them off and hope to peel it off in one go. That is another reason why I have picked this mask.

Tonight’s mask I am reviewing is the *7th Heaven Manuka Honey Peel-Off mask. I love the smell of honey and I have tried another Manuka honey mask, so thought I would give this a go.

Manuka honey mask

Like always I read the back of the pack first, or wherever the instructions are. I always want to make the most out of mask, to get the best results. I didn’t realise this was even a peel-off mask until I read the instructions. Even though its obvious to me now. It is also cruelty free which is something I massively follow.

First of all I had a shower, washed and dried my face. Placed my hair up in a messy bun and a cute bandana to help keep my hair out the way. Tore the corner of the packet and started to apply the mask.

Manuka honey mask

As you can see from the packaging to my face fully applied. The colouring really made this hard for me to see where I had applied and where still needed more. This was a little annoying. In the end I just added another layer where I thought needed it to make sure everywhere was covered properly.

I went away from 20 minutes or so until the mask was ready. Am I the only one who loves when masks dry and make it difficult to make facial impressions. Makes your skin all wrinkly feeling. That’s what fascinates me and the trying to pull off in one go.

I am naturally have quite a few moles on my face and body. I would warn you now, if you are the same avoid placing over moles, especially the bigger ones and your eyebrows.

I started to peel away and managed to get quite a big area removed in one go! Don’t really know why that’s fascinating but it’s like when I was at school we use to put PVA glue on our hands and pick it off when it was dry.

The last few bits like round the edge of my face and a few patches that weren’t dry yet, I just used a damp flannel and rubbed them off. When I went back to my iPad, my left cheek was sore, only were my moles are on my jaw line. It was like I had waxed. Like the top layer of my mole had been taken with the mask.

face mask

Skincare is so important really and I love my face masks. I love that pamper time and better quality skin. I can really see the improvement in my skin from the last several weeks of this series. It’s softer and smoother to touch.

I would say this mask is affordable for everyone to be honest. You can get this cheap and it’s done the job I wanted it to do. I would recommend this mask to others, especially if you have dry to normal skin. I can see the difference in the last few days especially after using it. I would just be super careful where you apply it to. Avoid areas that are sensitive.

For price, quality and quantity I would say this mask is a big yes go buy. For newbies wanting to get a skincare routine, it’s cheap and you really can see a difference after. It’s not breaking the bank so even if you try it and whilst you learn more its a good starter mask. I would say even as someone who uses masks weekly you can definitely use this too.

What is your go to face mask at the minute? Any you would recommend to me?

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