Each and everyday there is something to be grateful for. Big or little, each and anything. Everyday may feel like the same right now with the world’s pandemic and us Brits still staying home. But actually as boring as it sounds and feels. All of us can find at least 1 thing a day to be grateful for. We are about to wrap up for May 2020 and a time that I decided to think of 50 things I am grateful for, for May. Don’t get me wrong it is a struggle to thing of 50 when I am staying home and on my lonesome everyday. Eventually though I get there. You can be grateful for the same things month in, month out as well. Here goes my 50 for May. As random as they come into my mind. 

  1. First up, that I made jelly. Because I just took the spoon to the bowl twice and it was so refreshing and nice to eat. Have had to limit myself to 2 spoon fulls but may jump back in for some more later. 
  2. Busy days. It is so good when I am motivated, productive and really busy. They just go quicker, I feel better for them and they sort of feel like a sense of achievement. Not that when I am not motivated, I don’t work. But evenings when I am down to write blogs and that, they just fly out the window, with hope for a better day the next. 
  3. Lockdown easing a little, so people can now come view my home and it isn’t virtual! It is still weird because all internal doors need to be open and they aren’t allowed to open things like the fridge for instances. The government have just given me the better chance of getting a buyer sooner. 
  4. WhatsApp and iMessage. Because I am getting photos through from loved ones and besties of genuine people I love. Sort of like I am getting to see them though not there. That is one thing I am really missing is not being able to hang out with my besties and their little ones. 
  5. The warm weather. Because even it is like a sauna in my flat some days. It is so much better to wake up to nice weather rather than rain and snow. I think it would be 10 times worse if we were staying home in the winter. 
  6. Cupboard kept chocolate. Well chocolate but because its warmer in weather, the chocolate is on the soft side. I am always one for cupboard kept chocolate than fridge. It just tastes so much better and yummy. 
  7. The good mindset I seem to have. 95% of the time these days, I have the best mindset going. I feel good, nothing is too much and I feel really grownup about life at the minute. Yes I have the struggle days as well but rather than shutting down, I am coping better and feeling good about many things others aren’t right now. Comfort Zone
  8. Bad nights sleep. You must be thinking what? But I am grateful for the bad nights sleeps I am having because it’s making me appreciate the best nights sleeps I normally have. I am waking up to the sun light and falling back to sleep for a while after. The annoying thing is my sleep must be fairly light because at some point in the early hours of the morning, I can hear someones alarm clock. I 100% could be dreaming this, because its not every night and for the fact I can’t tell you the time. It wakes me, then I roll over and back to sleep. 
  9. Kinder Bueno Marshmallow treats. I never filmed these but oh my they are the most delicious thing I have ever made and I vowed to never make again. Because me and the tub were sat there and I ate 3-4 portions in one sitting. 
  10. Winning. I never really understood the question “are you winning?” But now I am winning the most orders and prices I can tell you I am winning. It’s such a good feeling to have. 
  11. Being an introvert. I am an introvert if you didn’t know. But one that likes to do things at my own space and time. Just with the time we are living in, I think introverts must be coping better than extroverts. 
  12. Caesar salad. The easiest and sort of healthy tea. With eating dinner at lunch, I have the smallest gap to fill at tea time. And caesar salad fills that gap nicely. Half a pack a day I eat and its so good.
  13. Plaits because they control my crazy hair really well. They are easy for me to do and I can plait my hair wet and leave in for a day or two and get the most beautiful curls. Better than my own curls that is. 
  14. Dove Gradual tan. Who realistically wants to go lay on a beach with a mask on? Think of them nice tan lines. Well Dove’s gradual tan gives me that tan I want. A nice healthy glow and that is good for anyone who is as white as a ghost like me. I do tan abroad on holiday but not in the UK. Plus I live in a flat so no garden to myself. 
  15. Soleros. I’ve not had a Solero in years. Pretty much when they first came out. But I got some in my food shop the other week. They are so much more refreshing than magnums and less calories. Full of flavour and clenches your thirst. 
  16. Nothing days. When all you have achieved is stepping out of bed. Even if that was only for a minute. These nothing days really allow me to think a lot and process things. In a way kind of refreshes and energises me for better days to come. 
  17. Old movies been shown on the tv. When I was having a nothing day. It was literally a struggle to do anything. But when I flicked through the tv guide and saw The Horse Whisperer on. I laid on the sofa and watched the whole film. Love a film you can just watch over and over again. Forget about then when you rewatch it a few years later, you still love it as much. 
  18. People that actually follow the rules! To anyone that is staying home and following the rules properly. Thank you for I am hope we can fix this soon enough to see each other soon. self care
  19. The ice cream van being back open at our local garden centre. Because my medium size Mr Whippy yesterday was the most enjoyable, delicious ice cream I have had in ages. 
  20. Cushions. Random as that is, when I sit on the sofa I always hug a cushion or use it as a table for my laptop or dinner. They are really handy and helpful to have. 
  21. The ability to switch off. By this I am really grateful that the work computers being home are tempting me to work longer and weekends as well. I have that balance still and they aren’t screaming to me to do more. 
  22. I am really grateful for hope. If we didn’t have any hope of this coming to an end or improving. Then life would be 10 times worse than it is right now. We have to be hopeful in order to stay positive and productive. 
  23. Having a paid job. There are so many people furloughed or even now being made redundant. So I am super grateful to be busy and in a job. Not that there is a lot to do with money at the minute but food bills seem higher! 
  24. Weekdays at 5pm. When I can shut the computer down, run a bath and do whatever I want. Because let’s face it the night before the blogs are due out. I am forcing myself to write them. 
  25. Being half way through this. Because I don’t want to be boring and original. I really put thought into this. There are easy ones which everyone should be grateful for but I really want to show little and big things and a variety. 
  26. My own space. I think I will always be grateful for my own space. Having my own home and space means I can do what I want, when I want. If I don’t want to go on a walk. I don’t and so be it. Being forced to go on a walk is like hell to me. 
  27. Summer pyjamas. I always have been or use to be cold continuously, come rain or shine. But this year I am boiling hot all the time. So pyjama shorts is a really good thing for me. I live in pyjamas so being able to stick shorts on and sleep comfortably, work comfortably or whatever I want comfortably, is definitely a game changer for me. 
  28. Polite friendly people. This is really weird I know. But they are something I am extremely grateful for. People that respect others, the people around them. They are just helpful and kind. Makes me smile and happy that even through the pandemic there are still these polite friendly people. 
  29. People that diy their homes and put them on Pinterest. I am in the process of buying new and selling my flat I am in now. The hours I spend on Pinterest makes me excited at all these diys and layouts people have created and inspire me. Without them would my flat look as good as it does? Probably but they give me the excitement to create me own versions. summer sun
  30. Blue skies. Because they are just so pretty and make me instantly happy. A hot summers day is always a good day. 
  31. A strange one but I am grateful for this pandemic. Not because I have or want the virus. No thank you! But I am not stressed or tense for the first time in forever. I feel so good and life at home is good. 
  32. I guess it’s the little things I am grateful for. Things we normally take for granted but now the little things we love. We need them and we are all learning to live a minimalistic life. 
  33. Time going fast. Not one I will be grateful for all the time. But right now days that are successful and fast are good. Because it’s another day ticked off and one closer to freedom. Hopefully.
  34. Being a grown up. Yes for the first time in my 30 years of living I finally feel grown up. Imagine being a child and being told to stay in and not go near your loved ones, that don’t live in your house? I can see it when I go to collect my vegetables. How scared my niece and nephew are to even step out the door. They are getting better now but you can see they desperately want a hug. 
  35. The spy hole on my front door. I know I shouldn’t be spying and half the time I can hear things that aren’t even in the hall way. But the arguments and the stupidity make me laugh. I don’t need a soap opera I have my own neighbours! 
  36. Fashion. Something I will always love and be grateful for. I really want to create more fashion content which is hard right now. But I just love everything about fashion and I am extremely grateful for fashion and style. 
  37. Good tv programmes. I hardly ever watch tv. Most of the time I don’t watch any other than Casualty. Yes I know I am strange. But right now 2 of my favourite series are on so I am very grateful for them to keep me entertained whilst staying home. food
  38. Goodies. Because it’s the perfect time to treat myself. Day in and day out. The treats cupboard is always stocked and I do try to restrict myself to 1 treat a day. No one is living a normal life right? So if a treat is keeping me going daily then so be it! 
  39. Dreams. I don’t mean the ones in your sleep. Because they are all just wild, weird and strange right now. I mean hopes and dreams. We all have to be grateful for dreams because without them dreams life would be boring and nothing to live for. 
  40. Peanut butter, if I already wrote this I am sorry. I must be extremely grateful for it. I didn’t have any eggs the other week so I used peanut butter instead. Brownies made with peanut butter instead of eggs are delicious. 
  41. The sewing Bee. I really thought I had already wrote this but maybe not. This has made me want to get back into dress making more and more. It excites me and I am constantly thinking what I can make. 
  42. I am grateful for having things I am looking forward to. Without things that I need money for and want to do. Means my money is free and I love to spend. I am itching to go clothes shopping now which yes is ok. I love fashion. But I want to get things for my new home more. Having the things to look forward to, makes me not spend money. 
  43. Everything food based. If you haven’t guessed by every fifth one. Food is always on my mind at the minute and I am grateful for the fridge being full of food. 
  44. I am grateful for negatives. Because I have learnt a lot about negativity other the years and I know its not good. So I know I can now steer clear of them or run a mile from them. 
  45. Staying home! Yes what is there not to be grateful about? I wear knickers once a week if that, only if I am going out in public. I get up half hour before I start work, comfy clothes are the best for endometriosis belly and I am not stressed. Why wouldn’t you be grateful for all that? 
  46. Four more to go! I tell you this is hard. I am grateful for self care. Self care is everything right now. We should all be using it daily because its a life changer and one I love. Can’t live without self care. 
  47. Being in control. Not that I want the power or think I am better than others. Because I am not. But I am grateful to be in control at the minute. Of my life and my work everything really. I just feel good about the whole thing. Most of the time! 
  48. Books with weird storylines. I don’t know why but I just read The Break by Marian Keyes and the storyline has got me thinking a lot. It’s a miss mash of all things really but I sort of love that it’s stuck with me and weirdly I learnt something from it. 
  49. Things that make me smile. Like cute pictures of puppies and kittens. Because I would love a kitten but in reality I am not allowed one here, but also its a lot of responsibility and money that I don’t necessarily have. 
  50. And finally I am really grateful for where I am in life. I mean I have hated where I am in life as well. But things just aren’t happening that I wish were. So I just have realised its just not the right time and when it is it will be the best time. So now I just have to be grateful for the path of life I am on and where I am going. 


50 things takes a lot of thought and time! But I finally made it. I have been writing this all week. When I realised tonight it was Wednesday and I was only 30 in. That tomorrow (today) is the day this post goes live. In each and every single day there should always be something you are grateful for. 

Today I was grateful to social distance with my niece and nephew. We just chatted and played games. I also got their bath duck for a board game I want to play. What is one thing you are grateful for today?

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